Technology Grants For Nonprofits 2021

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Funding Opportunities For Non

Building a Grant Strategy for 2021-2022
  • Charities Aid FoundationProviding funding resources for UK nonprofits that support their day-to-day activities
  • British Business BankProviding The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme , supporting smaller businesses across the UK that are losing revenue and seeing their cash flow disrupted
  • Open Road AllianceOffering a one-time, fixed, low-interest, $50,000 loan to organizations that are rescheduling/postponing their fundraising events until later this year
  • Open Road AllianceOffering several funding options, including funding for to support the pivots needed when something unexpected changes your organizations plans.

Here Are More Examples Of Selling Goods And Services:

  • Selling tickets to events
  • Creating and selling publications
  • Selling in-house expertise e.g. writing, training, consultancy

Nonprofits can trade in most countries. However, if selling goods and services make up a significant portion of your budget, seek expert advice. If these activities are not related to your primary purpose, there are charity and tax law implications. Keep track of the percentage of your organizations income that comes through goods and services. Earned income must be related to the mission of the organization, or it can be taxed as unrelated business income.

This can be a great source of income for your nonprofit, but as always, this funding source is not always applicable to every nonprofit.

Techbridge Dream Big For National Hunger Relief Grant

TechBridge is a nonprofit that dreams big for those who are hungry. Their National Hunger Relief Grant provides technology resources and training to help organizations fight hunger. The grant helps with things like expanding online food ordering and delivery, increasing food storage capacity, and providing access to real-time data about food needs.

The grant is open to any 501 public charity or private operating foundation that is working to reduce hunger in the United States. Grant recipients will receive a one-time payment of $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the size and scope of the project. TechBridge will also provide technical assistance throughout the project.

This is a great opportunity for organizations that are looking for ways to use technology to fight hunger.

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Cisco Global Impact Cash Grants

Ciscos cash grants are not normally to be used for computer hardware or software purchases. However, if youre not having any luck securing funds to improve your technological infrastructure, you may be able to use the Cisco Global Impact Cash Grant for those purposes. You will have to show that these purchases will have a greater impact beyond everyday/staff use.

Everything About Grants For Technology

Now available: Expanded funding for nonprofits with the 2021 AWS ...

Because the world of technology is constantly changing, the government encourages talented and innovative technology ideas and products by providing technology grants for research and education through various federal government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Education through programs such as Enhancing Education Through Technology, Star Schools, and Assistive Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, National Endowment for the Humanities as well as partnering with the Departments of Education of each state.

The government encourages entrepreneurship and small businesses to create new and better technologies to allow the United States to continue to complete in the global market in the areas of education, science, math and engineering technologies and IT training for staff and skilled and displaced workers. The government also provides grants for businesses and research to encourage minorities and disadvantaged groups of persons to participate in technological innovations. The government as well as private corporations and foundations also provide grants to assist disabled persons so they can participate in everyday activities in society as well as providing grants to children with disabilities to promote the use of technology in classrooms and media centers.

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How To Choose The Right Funding Source For Your Nonprofit

While its a common practice among most nonprofits to seek funding from multiple sources, research has shown that 90% of the largest nonprofits have embraced funding models built around a single dominant source of revenue.

We often hear its good to diversify revenue streams. But it can be hard to know what this really means in practice.

Guidelines And Tips For Writing Your Proposals

When you apply for technology grants, you must follow the guidelines and deadlines strictly, especially for government grants, in order to make sure you are eligible to receive the grants. Also, read the criteria carefully to make sure that your programs fit the funders guidelines.

For instance, if the funder says that the grant is only available to non-profit organizations, and you are a for profit company, then you would not qualify for the grant. Apply early whenever possible. For state and federal grants, deadlines are posted online at their websites. Private corporations and foundations also post their deadlines on their websites. You will need to decide on how much money you need. It is smart to apply for the full amount of the grant because depending on how many other applications the funder receives, you may still get a portion of the award even if you do not receive the full amount. Attach your current year budget and all other required attachments to your proposal application. It is important when you apply for a technology grant to make sure that you can use the grant funds for the purchase of equipment in addition to anything else you intend to use the funds for so that you are applying for the right type of grant and not wasting your time and the funders time.

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Efforts We Support Include:

  • Hardware that builds efficiencies and increases effectiveness within the organization, such as servers and workstationsSoftware that strengthens an organizations infrastructure, including CRMs, donor databases, data collection, program delivery options, evaluative tools and financial systems
  • Technology that streamlines, supports and improves communication to clients, constituents, stakeholders and donors
  • Assessments and audits to help inform organizations technology planning

Technology Support grant proposals are accepted once annually.

Computers For Learning Program

GrantStation Demo: How to Find New Sources of Nonprofit Funding

In order for every child to achieve their full potential, the Computers for Learning Program wants to put modern computer technology in every classroom. To that end, educational nonprofit organizations are eligible for excess computer equipment from federal agencies. Youll be responsible for shipping and refurbishing costs, but this is still a great option for nonprofits working to advance technology to children in underrepresented populations.

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Focus On Your Mission

Your organizationâs mission is the primary reason you exist. It is also the best way to raise funds. By sharing your mission with donors and the public, your nonprofit effectively spread the word about your nonprofit. When looking for grant funds, your mission will point you in the right direction to find foundations that connect with your end goals.

If your organization does not have a clear mission, be sure to correct this oversight. Learn more about mission statements and how to write an effective one for your organization.

Proof Of Concept Program By Natural Products Canada

If youre a researcher or startup, you can get repayable financing for up to $250,000 to cover up to 50% of the costs to demonstrate the business viability of innovative natural products and technologies. The program does not support basic research or early product development. If youre a startup company, Natural Products Canadas contribution will be 50% non-repayable grant and 50% repayable loan.

To be eligible, you must have an innovative natural product or technology with the potential to achieve $10 million to $15 million in annual revenue within a reasonable time period. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.


  • This is for products that are biologically based and will be used to help people, animals or the environment
  • These include food production, sustainability, health and wellness, and water or waste management

Where is it available?

  • Must be a Canadian incorporated SME, startup or academic research institute.
  • Products being developed must address an industry or sector challenge that has market potential
  • Technological advancement and benefits to that natural products ecosystem in Canada
  • Companies must have the potential to reach $10 million to $15 million in revenue within a reasonable amount of time after the product hits the market

How to apply

  • Those interested in applying should reach out to
  • A team member will follow up with you to discuss eligibility requirements and the size and scope of the project
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    Google For Nonprofits Technology Grant For Nonprofits


    Google is one of the largest organizations in the world and they have various tech programs that work for nonprofit organizations. These include access to the Google Ad Grants and Google App Suite. There are many more features, including access to YouTube features. The grants are easily accessible and many organizations have tapped into this.

    Corporate Support Comes In Many Forms:

    Just Published  2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report by Sage Intacct
    • Philanthropic no-strings-attached donation, similar to individual giving
    • Event sponsorship episodic or short-term support, typically event-based
    • Cause marketing longer-term thematic engagement
    • Pro bono corporate professionals offering their expertise/services
    • Matching gifts when corporations match donations made by their employees
    • Paid release when companies employees a few paid release days each year, allowing an employee or many employees to spend a day or two volunteering during regular work hours
    • In-kind gifts when companies give product donations rather than cash contributions
    • Check-out campaigns consumers give at the cash register when checking out

    Essentially, through the many different forms of corporate sponsorship, your nonprofit can raise money, gain in-kind donations and gifts such as furniture, office equipment, marketing advice, consulting services, or website development support, to name a few. In exchange for their sponsorship, your nonprofit can put their logo on your website, display their logo at your events through banners or on t-shirts, or give them an honorable mention on your blog and social media platforms.

    When considering corporate sponsorships as one of the funding sources for your nonprofit, dont forget to consider the overhead costs someone will need to manage the partnerships, especially if youre thinking of making corporate partnerships one of your main sources of income.

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    Funding Opportunities For Us

    • Hello AliceOffering $10,000 grants being distributed immediately to impacted small business owners
    • Hello AliceSourcing a list of funding opportunities and resources for Black founders
    • Small Business AdministrationCompiling a list of resources and funding opportunities for small businesses with an emphasis on loans and updated information on the CARES Act
    • EntrepreneurListing 55 federal and state relief efforts to support entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19
    • Professional Beauty AssociationAccepting applications for $500 grants to licensed beauty professionals, as well as complimentary membership for licensed professionals and non-licensed salon employees
    • COVID-19 Freelance ArtistsCompiling a frequently updated extensive list of national and state-by-state financial support opportunities, including information on the Paycheck Protection Program Loans, part of the CARES Act

    Microsoft Tech For Social Impact

    The tech giant has a passion for making its software available to nonprofits. Microsoft Tech for Social Impact offers grants and discounts on many of its products and services, including Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. It also provides hours of free training for nonprofit staff members and volunteers to help improve efficient use of its software.

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    Technology Grants For Nonprofits

    Nowadays, having a tech advantage can be very beneficial for any organization. However, many tools available are also really expensive, so you will need to look for some of the technology grants for nonprofits that can help you get access to the tech tools at a reduced cost . Using technology can make the world smaller and allow your organization to improve and expand much faster by tapping into these grants.

    There are many tech grants or tech features that NGOs can use to improve and expand their organizations. However, many people are not sure where to find some of these grants. In the following article, we will list the grants available for nonprofits

    Funding Can Be A Constant Stress For Some Nonprofits But This Past Year Has Been Especially Hard

    Joshua Miele, Adaptive Technology Designer | 2021 MacArthur Fellow

    To help organizations transition into 2021 and set their sights on recovery, we are compiling lists of exciting grants that nonprofits can apply to this year.

    Some are broad in scope, while others are limited to specific missions and locations. Some are perennial, while others are dedicated to COVID-19 relief. But do not despair if you dont find a grant that fits your needs. We will continue to publish more lists of helpful grants in the coming weeks and months. Make sure to check out our Ultimate Nonprofit Grant Guide and list of 16 Technology Grants for Nonprofits!

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    Where To Find Technology Grants For Nonprofits

    There are several places you can try. If you already know your target, you just go to Google and search for the exact name of the corporation, foundation, or state or national federal program. On the other hands, people who have no clue where to start looking for technology grants for nonprofits can try:

  • Community Foundations
  • Although there are various national foundations that offer technology grants, the competition for it is quite fierce. Based on our experience, we notice that small to medium nonprofit organizations often have more luck with local or community foundations. These local foundations prefer local nonprofits to get their grants, because it will strengthen the community. That said, you should still submit your technology grant proposal to the national or state level foundations or corporations that offers this kind of grant.

  • The Foundation Center and GrantStation
  • These two sites is a great source for individual or nonprofits looking for grant opportunities. The You should apply to become a GrantStation member to access the contact information for the grant providers. You can browse through companies and foundations to learn about their preference. Meanwhile, the Foundation Center is yet another great source for this kind of information. They are focused on the New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Cleveland. The directory is pretty big, and you can even do custom search for your technology grants for nonprofits.

    References :

    Microsoft Tech For Social Impact Announces Its Updated Cloud

    More than a year and a half after Covid-19 swept across the globe, were all still grappling with the enormity of the changes we have experienced and the lessons we have learned in our personal and professional lives. At this juncture of the pandemic, however, I think its safe to say that at least two things are clear. The first is that the millions of nonprofits around the world have made a huge difference in peoples lives by stepping forward under the most difficult circumstances to provide care and relief when and where it was needed most. The second is that the dramatic acceleration in the adoption of cloud-based tools and technologies has transformed how organizations of every kind operate including nonprofits.

    Here at Microsofts Tech for Social Impact, a key part of Microsoft Philanthropies, weve been inspired by the resilience and commitment of the nonprofits we support. In fiscal year 2021, Microsoft provided $2.5 billion in technology grants and discounts to some 295,000 nonprofits 45,000 more than last year. And we were excited to begin to make grants available to over 75,000 eligible aged care nonprofits that continue to be at the frontlines of the response to the pandemic.

    This is why, beginning in April 2022, we are shifting to a cloud-first grant program to ensure that nonprofits of every size in every part of the globe have access to the world-class cloud technology they need to accelerate the work they are doing to accomplish their missions.

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    Nea Foundation Student Success Grants

    Mission: The National Education Association Foundation provides NEA members with grants to improve the academic achievement of students in U.S. public schools and public higher education institutions in any subject area.

    Funding Priority: Educators frequently need outside funding for classroom resources. NEA members help students learn how to think critically and solve problems. Grant funds can be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, or technology.

    Geography: Any NEA members in the U.S.

    Amount: $2,000 $5,000

    More Information:

    Mission: The purpose of the Fund is to support nonprofit organizations that can demonstrate that they have planned their projects with respect to the communitys greatest opportunities.

    Want Other Ways To Get Involved

    Microsoft, BluePeak donate $20,000 in tech funding to 3 Northern Nevada ...

    Not all organizations qualify for this awesome grant, but if you are a Hunger Relief Advocate, Urban Farm, Food Rescue Organization, Nutrition and Wellness Organization, Grocery Store, or Corporate Social Responsibility Staff Member, we have the event for you. . Check out our National Hunger Relief Summit, happening on March 9th, 2023

    We require all applicants to verify that they will demonstrate fiscal responsibility, use funds appropriately, and practice accepted accounting standards. While we do not require documentation to substantiate this claim, relevant proof of sound financial practices could include:

    • Maintaining a complete and accurate set of accounting records
    • Making available upon request audited financial statements
    • Having a treasurer/finance committee at the board level involved in reviewing financial results
    • Completing all IRS filings, including Form 990 or Form 990EZ
    • Producing a public annual financial report that discloses the source and use of funds received

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    New Building Community Capacity Initiative

    Under our new five-year cooperative agreement with the Administration for Community Living , we strive to ensure a level playing field and opportunities for the numerous organizations that apply for QOL grants that serve people living with paralysis. Under this initiative, organizations that are awarded a grant during the July 1, 2021- June 30, 2026 period will not be eligible for a second or subsequent award in the same category of grants until after June 30, 2026.

    Grantees awarded during this period may apply for funding under a different tier or different category of grants within the same tier. All awarded applicants can re-apply for funding after one year of the close of your grant and notification of grant closure by the Reeve Foundation.

    For example, there are Five Tiers of funding available twice a year. If your organization receives a Tier 2 Assistive Technology grant, you must wait one year after the grant is completed before you can apply for any other Quality of Life grant. You are now ineligible for a second Tier 2 Assistive Technology grant until after June 30, 2026, but you may apply for other categories in the same tier or for other tiers of funding.

    If you have any questions regarding our new building community capacity initiative, please email with the Subject Line Eligibility Question.

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