South Carolina Small Business Grants

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

South Carolina small business grants

A commercial real estate loan is a very specific type of loan used to finance real estate. It may be used for acquiring a property, or for expanding or renovating an existing project. These loans are usually available through banks as well as commercial real estate lenders, and there are some SBA loans that may be used for real estate as well.

Sc Infrastructure Investment Program /arpa Grants Webinar

The South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Program is a major one-time initiative to improve water, wastewater and stormwater systems throughout the state using federal funds allocated by the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act . SCIIP offers a unique opportunity to make long-term capital improvements that will strengthen critical services to residents and businesses across the state, create more resilient communities and build the capacity to support future opportunities for growth and economic development. SCIIP Grant Application Deadline is September 12, 2022.

The Sc Cares Minority And Small Business Relief Grant Program Is Here

This program provides grants to minority and small businesses to reimburse qualifying expenditures for providing services or revenue loss due to COVID-19.

Grant Awards will range from $2,500 to $25,000

Application Dates: Monday, October 19th thru Sunday, November 1st

To learn more and to apply, please visit

If you have questions, please contact SC CARES Call Center

Monday through Friday | 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone: 803-670-5170 | Email:

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An Important Note For Arts Organizations

This grant program is offered and administered by the South Carolina Dept. of Administration and its designated agent, which do not include the South Carolina Arts Commission . Any assistance throughout the process must be provided by Admin via the phone number or email address provided above.

Priority shall be given to applications for expenditures related to: food assistance, including prepared meals rent or mortgage assistance utilities assistance mental health counseling health care services, including access to health care supplies, mental health, and behavioral health criminal domestic violence and childrens advocacy services and arts and cultural items or activities.

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North Carolina Business Recovery Grant Program

Post and Courier: South Carolina Small Business Marketing Matching Grant

The State of North Carolina announced the launch of the second round of its Business Recovery Grant Program on May 2. Approximately $200 million will be made available in this round. A small business in North Carolina must have suffered an economic loss of at least 20 percent due to the pandemic to qualify for assistance. There will also be a wide range of businesses included in this funding round that did not qualify during Phase 1, which was primarily focused on restaurants and hospitality businesses. Farmers will be able to participate in Phase 2, as well as gyms, salons, doctors, lawyers, some retail businesses, landscapers, and so on. It is possible to apply for a maximum of $500,000. Applicants have until June 1 to submit their applications.

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What Does This Program Do

Who may apply for this program?

  • Rural cooperatives .

What is an eligible area?What kind of funding is available?How may funds be used?

  • Training and technical assistance, such as project planning, business counseling and training, market research, feasibility studies, professional or/technical reports or producer service improvements.
  • Acquisition or development of land, easements, or rights of way construction, conversion, renovation of buildings plants, machinery, equipment, access for streets and roads parking areas and utilities.
  • Pollution control and abatement.
  • The capitalization of revolving loan funds, including funds that will make loans for start-ups and working capital.
  • Distance adult learning for job training and advancement.
  • Rural transportation improvement.
  • Feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Leadership and entrepreneur training.
  • Community economic development.
  • Feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Leadership and entrepreneur training.
  • Evidence showing job creation at local businesses.
  • Percent of non-federal funding committed to the project.
  • Economic need in the area to be served.
  • Consistency with local economic development priorities.
  • Experience of the grantee with similar efforts.

How do we get started?What law governs this program?

  • This program was authorized by the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act .

Coronavirus Small Business Relief For South Carolina

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has had lasting impacts on US small businesses. Federal, state, and local governments have created relief assistance to support small business owners.

Our guide to Coronavirus Small Business Relief for South Carolina provides information on grants, loans, tax relief, and emergency assistance for all small businesses, both on a federal level and on a state level.


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Nebraska Business Innovation Grants

A small business grant program recently received additional funding from the Nebraska legislature. This Business Innovation Act impacts a wide range of programs that operate in the state, such as small business planning, financial assistance to small businesses, agriculture innovation, and financial assistance to businesses that make use of college facilities. To qualify for these programs, the Nebraska business must have annual revenue of no more than $1 million and a recent financial loss. Applicants will have the opportunity to make individual grants of $12,000, based upon the order of receipt of funding.

South Carolina Grant Watch

Payments for SC small business and nonprofits grants expected in January

The purpose of South Carolina Grant Watch is to provide information about grants and non-profit organizations in the state. A wide variety of grants and funding opportunities are listed in this South Carolina Grant Directory, including funding opportunities from federal, state, and local funds in every state. A subscription fee will allow subscribers access to this information. Those who buy the monthly subscription pay $18 a week, while those who purchase the annual subscription pay $199 a year. While youll receive brief details about grants, if youre a free member, you will not be able to apply for any of them.

Are you interested in learning more about different grants and programs that can help you with your living situation? Check out the rest of Gov Relations blog section today!

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Bluffton Small Business Assistance Grant Fund

Grants of up to $20,000 are available to local small businesses in Bluffton, South Carolina. Federal funding is being used to support the operations of small businesses in Bluffton, South Carolina. If you have a business in Bluffton that had fewer than 50 employees at the beginning of March 2020 and had been in business for less than a year, you are invited to apply. There are also some additional eligibility requirements. The funds can be used for basic operating expenses, facility upgrades related to the COVID program, or company business planning services. Applicants can submit their applications until May 9.

How To Qualify For Grants For A Small Business In South Carolina

Grants are given to companies through both state and federal agencies for several reasons, and based on fund availability. Most commonly, they are employed in matching grants where the company must provide some funding themselves.

South Carolinas small businesses qualify based on their revenue, employees, or even employees that work within specific minority groups or low-income areas.

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Free Business Training: Sc Comptia Iwt Scholarship Program

Interested employers in the state of South Carolina can apply for a scholarship that will pay their employees to enroll in either a 12-week A+ program or an 8-week Security+ program through CompTIA that will provide them with both a mentored learning certification preparation package, valued at over $5,000.

These programs also include the following details:

  • Dedicated to Employees of South Carolina Businesses
  • Scholarships for employees to help them upskill
  • Access to the CompTIA learning management system for 16 weeks and 1:1 mentoring
  • Employees can earn a CompTIA IT certification by passing the certification exam

Facebook Small Business Grants

Grants For Small Business Startup In South Carolina

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, program and event directors cannot hold open houses easily, give families tours, attend trade shows, etc., which are often the heart of their conventional marketing efforts. A digital strategy is becoming more crucial than ever as more programs and events are on hold.

Facebook recently announced that it would provide $40 million in grants to 10,000 US small businesses that have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus. The grants for the recipients in the US will be $2,500 in cash and $1,500 in optional ads credits) to help during this challenging time.

Thirty-four cities will benefit from the grants as part of the $100 million grant program announced on March 17. To apply for the program, a business does not have to have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or a WhatsApp account.

As a result of the grants, the following areas would be supported:

  • Workforce management is essential to a companys success
  • Assistance with rent costs
  • Get in touch with more customers
  • Cover operating expenses

Your business must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Being a for-profit organization is a must
  • The company should employ between two and fifty people
  • The business has been in operation for more than a year now
  • Pandemic has negatively impacted them
  • Facebook operates in or near the location where you are
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Partnership documents
  • Proof of incorporation
  • Official registration

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How To Apply For Small Business Grants In South Carolina

A company can apply for SBA grants by filling out an application for South Carolina. In addition, the US government has a listing of all their available grants, including those provided through the SBA.

Youll need to compose a proposal that explains why you qualify for the money and how much will be used to assist with your business goals. This proposal can include written proposals, presentations, or other presentation material depending on what requires.

The total amount you receive depends on how much money is available for distribution each year, and there may be different rules depending on if its federal or state funding.

What Are South Carolina Sba Disaster Loans

South Carolina, and all other states, have multiple SBA loan programs, including the popular Economic Injury Disaster Loan and the Paycheck Protection Program .

In South Carolina news, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced that the deadline to apply for the South Carolina Economic Injury Disaster Loan program for the COVID-19 Pandemic SC disaster declaration has been extended to December 31, 2021.

The South Carolina Paycheck Protection Program deadline has already expired. Companies may still claim the South Carolina Employee Retention Credit as another way to get a tax credit refund for each employee they had on payroll during 2020 and 2021. This tax credit can be claimed until 2024 and 2025 for small businesses with W-2 employees in South Carolina.

SBA loans are a type of loan given by the US government that must be paid back over a period of time. This is a low-interest debt that the Small Business Administration guarantees. This means that if the borrower defaults on their payment, the federal government will cover it to protect against loss.

These loans are popularly used in business expansion and provide an easy way for a company to receive a loan when they have trouble borrowing from banks or traditional lenders.

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South Carolina Small Business Help: Get Loan Assistance For Your Business In South Carolina

Did you know you can request additional SBA EIDL loan funds in South Carolina?

Did you know you can request an SBA loan reconsideration if you have been turned down for an SBA loan?

Whether your SC business is classified as a sole proprietorship, independent contractor, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, landlord, property investments, rental property owner, or other type of qualifying small business entity in South Carolina, we may be able to help you.

Schedule Your Free Disaster Loan Consultation

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Richland County Small Businesses

South Carolina CARES Act grant programs available for small businesses, non-profits

Richland County’s Office of Small Business Opportunity , in partnership with the County’s Community Planning & Development department, will be accepting applications to the CV-19 Small Business Relief Grant program starting at 8:30am on December 1, 2021 applications close June 1, 2022.

If your business is located in Richland County, has 50 or less employees, and experienced shortfalls due to COVID-19 impacts, you can apply for up to $15,000 in reimbursable expenses.

This grant is available first come, first served, and the application period will remain open until all grant funds have been expended.

For additional information, please contact OSBO at 803-576-1540.

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Columbia South Carolina District Office

The South Carolina District Office includes the main office in Columbia and a branch office in Charleston, which serves the lowcountry and coastal areas.

The South Carolina District Office is responsible for the delivery of SBAs programs and services throughout the Palmetto State. The District Office also partners with state economic development organizations to provide South Carolina small businesses with assistance and further business opportunities through events, presentations and educational materials.

South Carolina Small Business Grants

With more than $9,249.00 million dollars in grants and additional local government funding sources of $6,863.00 million dollars, the majority of the federal budget in government grants is put into the business sector every year as small businesses and large corporations are the foundation of the economic growth in South Carolina. There are 80,107 business establishments in the state of South Carolina, and they break down to the following:

South Carolina Business Sector Breakdown by Size:

  • 45,732 registered businesses in South Carolina have 0 to 4 employees. People who work at home with sole proprietorship are included in this breakdown.
  • 14,448 registered businesses in South Carolina have 5 to 9 employees.
  • 8,504 registered businesses in South Carolina have 10-19 employees.
  • 7,204 registered businesses in South Carolina have 20-99 employees.
  • 1,893 registered businesses in South Carolina have 100 to 499 employees.
  • Over 2,326 registered businesses in South Carolina have over 500 employees.

South Carolina Business Sector Breakdown in Service Industries:

If you are in the farming industry, you may be eligible to apply for small business grants as well. There are more than 26,000 farms in the state of South Carolina.

To apply for business grants in South Carolina, contact South Carolina financial aid agencies.

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Covid State Small Business Help

As of the State of South Carolina has no state-regulated loans or grants that are extended to small businesses affected by the coronavirus.

For business resource updates related to the coronavirus, visit the South Carolina Department of Commerce website. You can also visit South Carolinas Business One Stop website for a larger pool of generic business resources.

American Revolution 250th Anniversary Grants

Program Planning Tools and Templates

SC250 has launched 7 grant programs with funding for everything from museum-style displays to new battlefield pull-offs.

Each County 250 Committee will be eligible for a $3,000 non-competitive grant to start planning events and reviewing the county’s American Revolution tourism infrastructure. For information about how to start a county’s 250 group, look for a formal Speaker’s Bureau coming soon.

Quarterly Deadlines:All quarterly deadlines are not postmarked dates as all applications must be submitted in the Discover SC Web Grants program. All times are Eastern. All dates are subject to change and available funding.

Q1: 9/16/22 at 3:00 PMQ2: 11/9/22 at 3:00 PMQ3: 2/9/23 at 3:00 PMQ4: 5/9/23 at 3:00 PM

Visit for more information.

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Communityworks Spartanburg Back The Burg Program

In partnership with CommunityWorks, the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce has established the Bringing Back the Burg Small Business Fund to assist Spartanburg area businesses that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 disaster. This loan aims to help qualified small businesses in the city and the county by providing low-interest and forgivable loans to assist them in becoming successful. If your business was negatively affected by COVID-19 and you meet the criteria, you may apply for a $10,000 loan, with the possibility of 50 percent of the loan being waived after the first year.

Irs: Employee Retention Credit Available For Many Businesses Financially Impacted By Covid

  • The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today launched the Employee Retention Credit, designed to encourage businesses to keep employees on their payroll. The refundable tax credit is 50% of up to $10,000 in wages paid by an eligible employer whose business has been financially impacted by COVID-19.

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Fema Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

FEMA announced a significant investment in climate resiliency by authorizing $3.46 billion for the 59 major disaster declarations issued due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.With the growing climate change crisis facing the nation, FEMAs Hazard Mitigation Grant Program will provide funding for states, tribes and territories to maximize their investment in mitigation measures that result in safer and more resilient communities. This new funding will allow communities across the nation to further develop capacity and take mitigation actions that will foster greater resilience and reduce disaster suffering.Across the country, Americans have witnessed the enormous and devastating effects of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes and other events. The increasing duration, intensity and severity of such disasters, which are exacerbated by changes in population, land use and weather patterns, are alarming and highlight one of the most important emergency management challenges facing the United States. The impacts of natural hazards on communities, families, individuals and our economy make it imperative to invest in creating infrastructure and communities more resilient to natural hazards.FEAM encourages state, local, tribal and territorial governments with significant vulnerabilities that lack the resources to invest in mitigation to leverage the funds being authorized through Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.For more information, visit

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