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Dicks Sporting Goods Sports Matter Program

Legendary Replays with Ocean Brown | Sports Lab (S1E6) | Nike

The DICKS Sporting Goods Foundation provides funding and sports grants for nonprofits opportunities to youth sports organizations in all 50 US states.

Here are some of the requirements:

  • Must be a 501c3 organization
  • Must be in a community where DICKS has a store
  • Must have a focus on youth team sports

Every Kid Deservesa Chance To Play

However, we recognize the rising cost of youth sports has left some families and communities behind.

All Kids Play provides funding to families and communities who lack the resources to pay for youth sports. Grants are available to qualifying families with kids in grade K-12 and not-for-profit community-based recreational sports organizations in low income areas on a need and first-come, first served basis as funds are available. Individual grants can be used for registration, equipment and other associated fees for sports classes, recreational leagues, and travel sports. Please check out our FAQs below for more information on qualification and the process.

Best Buys Donation Program

Best Buys Volunteer Grant Program

In addition to each store handling donation requests from the greater community, Best Buy offers a team volunteer grant program.

When groups of employees volunteer together, the team is eligible to request grants for the local organization.

Each grant ranges from between $250-$500, plus you get the benefit of a team of Best Buy employees volunteering with your organization.

Best Buy Donation Requests

Best Buy focuses its philanthropic giving on causes that promote technological literacy.

Best Buy is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations and programs that provide teens with opportunities to develop technology skills.

Nonprofits must first complete the online grant eligibility quiz. If they qualify, applications may be completed during specific times of each year.

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Nike Inc Continues Its $140m Commitment To The Black Community

Shanique YatesFeb 17, 2022

To support the community, one must actually be immersed within the community.

Over the years, Nike has managed to not only be fully committed to the areas that they serve, but it goes far beyond just the storefront.

Since the inception of its Blue Ribbon Sports store in 1967, the leading athletic brand has been a destination for product, expert advice, and most importantly, community.

We think about everyone that has touched or experienced Nike, Vanessa Garcia-Brito, VP of North America Communications at Nike told AfroTech in regards to what community means to the brand. I think about family, people, our neighborhoods.

Continuing on its Black Community Commitment, Nike, alongside Converse, the Jordan Brand and Micheal Jordan, will keep investing in local organizations that are dedicated to advancing equality throughout several U.S. cities, especially the place where it all started nearly 50 years ago Los Angeles, CA.

As the brand commemorates 50 years in the LA community, they continue to elevate the people who will shape the future.

What Types Of Grants Are Available

Nike Kids Superfly Academy Neymar FG Soccer Cleats

We provide individual grants to families in need for youth athletes in grades K-12. We also provide organizational grants for non-profit organizations in low income communities that provide community-based recreational level sports for kids in grades K-12 on a case-by-case basis. For each of these types of grants, we provide full and partial grants, depending on qualification.

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As of 2011, Nike invested a minimum of $315 million dollars in product donation grants . General Mills General Mills has partnered with the American Dietetic Association Foundation and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition since 2002 to award 50 $10,000 grants to non-profit youth> programs, as of 2011.

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General Electrics Donation Program

General Electrics Matching Gift Program

Believe it or not, GE was actually the first company to introduce a matching gift program. The company came up with the program in 1954 and paved the road for many other companies to institute their own matching gift programs for their employees.

GE matches at a 1:1 ratio with a minimum required donation of $25 and a maximum donation of $5,000 per year. Employees , spouses, and retirees are all eligible for their matching gift program.

Microsofts Matching Gift Program

Microsoft offers one of the most generous matching gift programs to date.

Through the companys matching gift program, donations from employees of between $25 and $15,000 annually will be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

Microsofts Volunteer Grant Program

Microsoft employees who volunteer can request a grant of $25 per every hour volunteered.

There is no minimum threshold, and employees can request grants for a wide variety of nonprofits.

Microsofts Software Donation Program

Microsoft donates $2 million dollars in software per day.

The company believes that technology can increase productivity, boost collaborative effectiveness, and extend nonprofit services to new communities and individuals in need.

Eligible organizations can access Microsoft Cloud offers for free or at a significant discount through their Cloud Services Program.

Cisco and its foundation provide grants, volunteer time, and in-kind donations to nonprofits.

The grant programs accept applications year-round.

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Levi Strausss Donation Program

Levi Strausss Matching Gift Program

Part-time, full-time, and retired employees of Levi Strauss are eligible to have their donations matched at a 1:1 ratio.

Donations ranging from $25 to $1,200 are eligible to be matched. Most nonprofits are eligible to receive a matching gift from Levi Strauss.

Levi Strausss Volunteer Grant Program

Levi Strauss also offers a volunteer grant program for employees who volunteer on a regular basis.

Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours with a single organization. Grants range from $200 to $2,400 depending on the number of hours that were volunteered.

Delaware Youth Sports Foundation Seeks Donations March 4

Balance Like A Boss With Corinne Joy | Sports Lab (S1E1) | Nike

While everyone works through the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, there is also an urgent need for kids to get back onto the playing fields and courts in area communities.

The Jason Anderson Foundation for Youth Sports remains committed to that effort and is now accepting applications for its 2021 grant and scholarship program. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded nearly $40,000 in grants and scholarships to various local sports organizations and families. Delaware youth sports groups and interested parties can download the applications at

Over the past five years, we have provided support to numerous local sports organizations and hundreds of local kids in each of the three counties in Delaware, said Mark Rossi, Jason Anderson Foundation board chair. Even though COVID-19 has delayed or canceled many youth sports programs, our foundation has been hard at work fundraising and preparing for the return of these sports activities in 2021. Even in these unprecedented times, we hope to expand our services by partnering with local teams, sports facilities, school districts and donor partners, and look forward to receiving applications from youth sports organizations seeking financial support and player scholarships for kids in need.

Since 2016, the Jason Anderson Foundation has provided groups with grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 to assist those in need who want to participate in a youth sports activity. Those include:

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Investing In The Community

As a part of Nike, Incs $140 million Black Community Commitment pledge made in June 2020, to invest in organizations with a focus on social justice, education innovation, and economic opportunity for Black people, the latest round of investments includes awarding 54 national and local organizations a combined $7.75 million in grants.

One of the 2022 grant recipients, the L.A. Jets Track Club, has offered access to the sport for Black youth across LA since 1973.

With an all-volunteer coaching staff, the club has managed to grow to a team of 185 athletes who compete at the highest level in the USA Track & Field program.

Over the years, the organization has produced hundreds of national champions and scholarship athletes showcasing how this sport creates opportunities beyond the track.

Nike has invested $35,000 into the L.A. Jets Track Club to not only support the youth runners involved in the club but to also strengthen the club and grow its academic program and athletes. They have also equipped its athletes with team footwear and apparel along with events held exclusively at Nike stores.

Other grant recipients at the national level include Son of A Saint, All Star Code, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and the Equal Justice Initiative.

Building A Better Future

Nike knows that the future of sport is not possible without the city of LA.

Whether it has been home to some of the best athletes the world has ever seen, including the late Kobe Bryant or tennis superstars, Venus and Serena Williams, or simply a place where the next sports sensation can have a dream, the brand realizes that it has a duty to encourage the next generation.

Kids are part of the least active generation right now, not just in the U.S., but across the world. Theyre just not always getting the opportunity to play or get access to the sport and thats especially true in our Black and Brown communities, said Garcia-Brito. So, thats what we talk about, we think about creating a future that is more equitable, more inclusive, where there is opportunity and access. We partner with the local organizations that are meaningful in the communities because it does have to be meaningful to exalt where you live, where you play, where your family is. So, were looking at it through the lens of today and whats in front of you, but also additive because we dont want these issues and challenges that were facing today to be the same ones that the next generation is experiencing.

Click here to learn more about the Nike Black Community Commitment.

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Sports Grants For Nonprofits

Sports grants for nonprofits are awarded for all types of sports, not just team sports such as soccer, football, and baseball. They are actually surprisingly common but also very competitive. If you are truly an outstanding sports star, you already have a huge advantage over most of the competition but if you have clear potential, it is definitely worth the extra coaching and training as soon as possible. to increase your chances of getting a prize.

For those of you who are qualified but not high school stars, smaller scholarships are also available. These wont cover your entire college education, but can ease the burden on your bank balance nonetheless.

No matter how proficient you are in a sport, the chances that you will one day make a career out of it are very low.

There is a constant risk of injuries that could end your career before it even begins, and therefore sports grants for nonprofits should not be viewed as a path to professional athletic success.

On the contrary a qualified athlete should invest in academic training only to protect against the dangers of never being successful as a professional athlete.

Scholarships provide a safety net for students and you are encouraged to study an alternative discipline as well as play your sport.

How The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Is Helping

Nike Kids Superfly Academy Neymar FG Soccer Cleats


Since 2014, the Sports Matter program has donated $80 million to support young athletes.

1 in 21 schools

1 out of every 21 public schools has received funding for sports programs from The DICKS Sporting Goods Foundation.

+1.1 Million Kids

Our support has kept over 1.1 million kids in the game across all 50 states through the Sports Matter program.

+34 Sports

Because we believe all chances to play are beneficial, we have provided grants for more than 34 different youth sports, and counting!

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Buffalo Wild Wings & The Boys & Girls Club Of America

Buffalo Wild Wings and the Boys & Girls Club of America are teaming up to help develop flag football, basketball, soccer and volleyball in Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

If your sports programs are affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club, be sure to take advantage of funding opportunities for your sports programs!

Prepare Your Grant Applications

Every program is going to have a unique grant application process. In some cases, youll need to submit a simple online form. Others may require detailed documentation or details on current league financing or demographics. You may also need to write statements or essays that describes why your league is worthy of support.

Always think of your audience when preparing a grant application. What do they want to hear? Often, evidence of success or specific uses for the funds can be very important. You may be able to re-use material created for donation request letters in grant applications.

Prior to applying, make sure you have all the information you need. Share it with key league leaders to get buy-in if necessary. Make sure youre well prepared ahead of the deadline, so you dont bump into a time crunch.

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If I Am Approved For An Individual Grant How Does It Work

Once approved for a grant, All Kids Play will pay registration and associated fees directly to the sports organization. If the grant includes equipment, All Kids Play will purchase the equipment and have it shipped directly to you. You will be required to complete a mid-season and post-season survey and submit to All Kids Play so we can learn about your athletes experience. Your coach may also be required to complete a survey about your athletes participation.

# Get Local Businesses To Sponsor Your Youth Sports Program

Creating Space with Janelle Wellons l Sports Lab (S1E4) | Nike

Local sponsorship is a great fundraising opportunity for any youth sports organization. Visit any community sports complex on a busy Saturday and take a look around. You will likely see banners advertising local businesses on the playing fields. Check the backs of the players team jerseys. Again, you will find local business names on the display.

When it comes to youth sports, local businesses are the most avid annual sponsors. Typically, local business owners have strong ties to the community in which they do business. They may even have been coaches, volunteers, or had their own children play in local leagues or clubs. It is natural that they want to give back.

Approaching small businesses for donations is a must for a successful sponsorship program. Here are some tips for developing your sponsorship program before your next season.

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Xenith Sponsorships For Youth Football

Xenith supports youth football at all levels. If you have a growing youth football program or are hosting a large post-season youth tournament, you need to complete the Xenith Sponsorship Application.

If you are an individual or a coach, you can also join the Xenith MVP program and earn rewards by purchasing Xenith products and spreading the word.

Work A Deal With The Organizer

Some sports, such as gymnastics or tennis, require expensive monthly tuition for your child to participate. If you have a special skill that the organizer can benefit from or don’t mind “volunteering” at the front desk, you might be able to strike a deal for reduced registration. Depending on your skills, you could offer to design their website, repair a piece of equipment or sew costumes. Think of ways you can save the organizer money and offer it in exchange for payment.

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How To Apply For Grants For Your Youth Sports Program

Youth sports programs are important for kids and the community as a whole. But securing enough funding each year is a challenge for many leagues.

Nonprofit grants can help sports leagues find financial assistance to grow and plan for the future. Every youth sports leader should know how to apply for grants for their organization each year.

Grants can be a valuable supplement to annual fundraising activities and help keep your sports program on track financially.

How to you research, apply, and receive youth sports grants? We’ve got some tips in this post to get started before your next season.

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Ways To Fund Your Child’s Athletic Pursuits

Nike Kids Superfly Academy Neymar FG Soccer Cleats

Many kids go from sport to sport, looking for one that fits their likes and abilities. You know the drill: soccer one season, baseball the next. Between registration and sport-specific equipment, all this dabbling gets expensive.

The costs definitely add up once your child decides to pursue a particular sport to a higher level. You can expect to potentially add higher coaching fees, travel costs for competitions , event entry fees, membership fees, and more specialized equipment. It can be a costly endeavor to keep your children physically and mentally active, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve come up with seven ways to help you support your sporty kid.

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What Is The Nike School Innovation Fund

The Nike School Innovation Fund is a part of the Nike Community Impact Fund that focuses on providing funding for academic programs for schools in Oregon. The primary purpose of the Nike School Innovation Fund is to help Oregon schools fund their AVID programs. AVID is a global education nonprofit that helps students from minority and underserved backgrounds learn academic and study techniques so that they can close the achievement gap.

Research Grant Opportunities For Your Organization

Now that you have perspective on the types of grants available, you can search for good fits for your program. Its a good idea to think about your needs today and your vision for the future.

Youll find that many well-known companies offer grants for youth sports. Check out grant programs from Nike, Walmart, Home Depot, and Cabelas. Non-profits and professional sports teams may have grant programs as well.

Make sure you read all the details to find out if your league meets grant criteria. It can waste your time and the grant providers time if you arent qualified for the grants you seek out.

Keep a list of grant opportunities and share it with key people in your program. Be sure to include essential details like due dates and links to grant applications.

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