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Small Business Advantage Grant

Pennsylvania Awards $96 Million In Grants For Small Businesses

Pennsylvanias Department of Environmental Protection protects Pennsylvanias air, land, and water from pollution and strives to maintain a cleaner environment for the betterment of its citizens. Our team is committed to preventing pollution and restoring our natural resources through partnerships with individuals, organizations, governments, and eligible businesses.

The Pennsylvania DEP offers a program that offers additional funding commitments for energy efficiency improvements through its Small Business Advantage Grant program. The program is only available to businesses with fewer than 100 full-time personnel. Regarding energy conservation or pollution prevention, at least $500 must be saved, and 25 percent must be avoided annually. First-come, first-served online applications are considered for grant funding.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available through the Small Business Advantage Grant program for Pennsylvania small businesses to purchase energy-efficient equipment or engage in waste reduction practices.

Small Businesses In Pennsylvania

It is difficult to start and manage a small business in Pennsylvania. More than $209,778,000,000.00 US dollars is spent on employee salaries/payroll alone in this state, and every year, over 38,816 companies declare bankruptcy. The federal government doesnt provide grants for expanding or starting a business publicly. However, some small business grants can be given in Pennsylvania to help business owners start or grow their businesses. Moreover, grant recipients dont have to repay the government funding. So, it is worth looking into small business grants to help fund your business.

Contact Pennsylvania financial assistance agencies to apply for business grants.

What Is A Grant

An award of money or resources is generally given to a non-profit or a business entity to create something new in the community. New projects, products, or services may be launched using grants. A grant is different from a loan in that it is not repaid. Grants are advantageous for small businesses since they are non-repayable, making them an excellent option.

Despite how complex grant application and administration may be, grants can be useful for growth, regardless of how time-consuming they are. Applying for and administering grants can take quite a long time. The lending body must be convinced that your business can meet its basic eligibility requirements regarding applying for a grant and that your company has the financial resources to succeed. Many grant programs are administered by government agencies, non-profit groups, and foundations.

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Business Grants For Women

On top of all the grants weve looked at so far, there are several grants and resources specifically for small businesses that are owned by women.

I encourage you to visit your local Womens Business Centers if possible, there are over 100 across the United States. They will be able to point you towards additional grant opportunities, or help you find alternative funding methods.

The Amber Grants: Each month, one small business owned by a woman wins a $1,000 Amber Grant. You will need to get votes to win, so it helps to have a strong social network. At the end of the year, the 12 grant winners have a chance to win the annual $10,000 Amber Grant.

The InnovateHer Challenge: This is a grant that is funded by the SBA for women entrepreneurs that runs every year. There are 3 winners, with first place receiving $40,000, second winning $20,000, and third being granted $10,000. Its a fairly prestigious grant that comes with a lot of publicity for the winners businesses as well.

To win, you first need to win a local InnovateHer challenge to qualify for the national competition. You can see the local locations on this map.

Any type of business is eligible to compete, but businesses that are geared towards women and their social problems typically do best.

Additionally, all 21 finalists are given a grant. The top 7 get a grant of $100,000, plus personalized business mentoring. The other 14 still get a $30,000 grant.

Department Of Community And Economic Development Grants

Pa. small businesses can apply for âgrants, not loansâ starting on ...

Every Pennsylvanian in every community has been affected by the COVID-19 public health crisis. Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act grant funds amount to $2.6 billion in the recently enacted state budget.

A total of $225 million has been allocated to the Department of Community and Economic Development for the benefit of small businesses via Community Development Financial Institutions .

Small businesses that COVID-19 has negatively impacted can apply for grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 through the Statewide Small Business Assistance program. Programs are not offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. This will be the last chance to apply for the program so the availability of funds can be possible.

Upon distribution of funds to DCED, the CDFI Network in Pennsylvania will administer the funding as follows:

  • For the duration of the shutdown and the transition period to reopening, grants to cover operating expenses are available.
  • Support for helping business owners stabilize and relaunch their businesses through grants that include training and guidance.
  • Borrowers of CDFI Pennsylvania receive relief from debt payments.
  • Reserves for CDFIs to protect against loan losses.

There are three ways to distribute the funds:

  • Main Street Business Revitalization Program: $100 million
  • Historically Disadvantaged Business Revitalization Program: $100 million
  • Loan payment deferment and loss reserve: $25 million
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    Searching For Grants For Women Businesses In Pennsylvania

    Doing a Google search for women-owned business grants can be arduous. And even when you do come across sites they can be complicated government sites . Or they might be sites that look kind of spammy.

    Now for the good news: WomensNet offers business grants to women in Pennsylvania . We call it our Amber Grant for Women and its awarded by our judges every month. The monthly grant is $10,000. If youd like to share your story, you can apply for the Amber Grant right now. If you win one of our monthly grants, youre eligible for our year-end Amber Grant of $25,000. So just a few minutes on our site could land you $35,000 in grant money by the end of this year.

    Still looking for more help beyond grants for women businesses? Keep reading:

    You can also check out more business resources below. There are plenty of people in Pennsylvania willing to reach out and help women business owners like you! We know you have business dreams and like most women entrepreneurs, you just need a little help and encouragement to reach your dreams. Welcome to WomensNet and good luck!

    Very Small Meat Processor Grant

    The Very Small Meat Processor Grant program helps offset some of the costs associated with meeting federal inspection for small meat processors. The maximum grant amount is $50,000, or 50% of the project costs. Eligible applicants to this grant must be meat processors that generate less than $2.5 million in sales and have fewer than 10 employees. The grant will also offset some of the costs to purchase any equipment needed to complete these projects.

    Applicants can apply to the Very Small Meat Processor Grant through Pennsylvaniaâs Department of Agriculture website.

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    William Penn Foundation Grants

    The William Penn Foundation is among the most active grant organizations in Philadelphia. In 2019 alone, they provided over $11 million in grants to more than 35 organizations. This foundation supports arts and cultural organizations and businesses that make public spaces more accessible to Philadelphians. Many theaters, museums, and art galleries have received funding through the William Penn Foundation. To begin, read the foundations grant FAQs, and fill out an inquiry form online. Be prepared to provide a detailed proposal of your project or a business plan.

    Available Now: Applications Being Accepted For $225 Million Grant Program For Small Businesses Impacted By Covid

    Pa. governor promotes grant program that helps small businesses

    The COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance program will provide grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to small businesses that have been economically impacted by COVID-19. This is not a first-come, first-served program. There will be multiple rounds of application windows. Links to apply are at the bottom of this email.

    The initial application window for the first round of funding is NOW OPEN and will remain open for 10 business days. Applications will continue to be accepted after 10 business days but will be considered for future rounds of funding. Additional rounds will be announced soon.

    Before you begin your application, please review the Guidelines and the FAQs.

    This funding was allocated through the recently enacted state budget, which included $2.6 billion in federal stimulus funds of which $225 million was earmarked for relief for small businesses.

    The Department of Community and Economic Development will distribute the funds to Community Development Financial Institutions , which will then administer the funding in the form of grants. The PA CDFI Network is a group of 17 PA-based community development financial institutions that primarily provide financing options for small businesses.

    An informational site for the program has been developed and is available at: .

    Applicants must apply directly through a CDFI.

    Harrisburg Office

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    Improve Your Credit Score

    Your credit score is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of your business loan application. Many lenders set minimum credit scores for loan applicants. If you dont meet that minimum, your application will be rejected right away. Even if your application is approved, a stronger credit score will help you qualify for larger amounts of financing and lower interest rates. To maintain good credit, monitor your credit score regularly and pay all your bills on time.

    Grants For Small Businesses In Pa

    A Pennsylvania small business grant might be available to you if the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced your companys revenue. Small business grants can be applied for by companies that have suffered major impacts.

    Over $27.36 billion in federal grants and nearly $21.80 billion in additional funding from the local government are put into the business sector yearly since small businesses, and large corporations are the foundation of Pennsylvanias economy. The State of Pennsylvania is home to 232,755 businesses and over 63,000 farms.

    Pennsylvania pays out a total of $209.78 billion in salaries and payroll annually, and over 38,816 businesses file for bankruptcy annually. Although the federal government does not publicly provide grants for starting and expanding businesses, in Pennsylvania, some small business grants are available to business owners to start and grow their ventures. Recipients do not have to repay the grants. As a result, you should consider small business grants as a funding source for your business.

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    Central And Southern Pennsylvania

    Reading area entrepreneurs and small-micro businesses can use the programs available at Alvernia Universitys OPake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. There is a Business Incubator Program, a technology transfer and learning service as well as a Fellows Program among other resources. Most years they also provide a number of grants to small businesses in the Reading PA region. Learn more here.

    Pennsylvania Sbdc Lead Office

    Who is eligible for Pennsylvania

    Natasa possesses over 25 years of management experience in international development, human resources and commercial retail at Philadelphia International Airport. She has also designed and implemented public information strategies and workshops on civic education approaches in countries undergoing political transition.

    Natasa was also a collaborator in an Emmy-nominated documentary Picture Me and Enemy and has a background in journalism working with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, CNN and public radio. One of her passions is coffee and she considers being an entrepreneur for 15 years, having developed and managed all aspects of a multi-retail, fair-trade coffee business, one of the highlights of her career. It is precisely this mix of expertise and Borcanins 360° approach to management, a knack to mobilize necessary resources and to motivate people, that result in positive outcomes. Currently she is delighted to offer assistance to small businesses in accomplishing their government contracting goals, in her current role as the Assistant Program Manager for the Southeast PA PTAC, based in Philadelphia.

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    Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant

    The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant provides grant funding for the implementation of alternative and clean energy projects in Pennsylvania, The states Department of Community and Economic Development and Department of Environmental Protection administer the grant program.

    If your business is involved with energy efficiency, natural gas, or solar power projects, to take a few examples, you can qualify for this grant. Manufacturers of clean energy equipment or components can qualify for up to $10,000 in grant funding for every job created by the business. Other projects can qualify for up to $2 million or 30% of the project cost, whichever is less.

    Wolf Administration: Cares Act Funding For Small Businesses Available Tomorrow

    Governor Tom Wolf announced that beginning tomorrow small businesses across Pennsylvania can apply for grants to offset lost revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdown order.

    In unprecedented times, like those we are currently facing, collaboration is imperative to getting help to those who need it most, as quickly and effectively as possible, said Gov. Wolf. This joint effort between my administration, the legislature, and The Pennsylvania CDFI Network will provide critical assistance to Pennsylvanias small businesses, putting them on better financial footing as they begin to reopen.

    The COVID-19 Relief Statewide Small Business Assistance program, announced earlier this month, will provide $225 million in grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to eligible businesses through Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding.

    Beginning tomorrow, June 30, eligible businesses may begin applying for the COVID-19 Relief Statewide Small Business Assistance program here.

    The first application window will remain open for ten days. Applications will continue to be accepted after 10 business days but will be considered for future rounds of funding, as this is not a first-come, first-served program. Applications will be prioritized and selected for funding based on the program criteria.

    The funds will be available through three programs:

    How To Qualify For Pa Loans

    Once you figure out which Pennsylvania business loans youd like to apply for, its time to focus on your business loan application. Every lender has its own evaluation criteria for approving a loan application, but there are things you can work on to help you increase your chances of qualifying for a loan.

    These are the main things to focus on when applying for a business loan:

    Write A Strong Grant Proposal

    Pennsylvania Awards $96 Million In Grants For Small Businesses Impacted By Pandemic

    Knowing how to write a strong grant proposal is the most important part of applying for grants. You can write anywhere from a few pages to a few hundred pages for a grant proposal. This allows them to understand better who you are and what makes your business different, so your grant proposal should be your number one priority.

    Grant organizations will evaluate you to determine whether your proposal fits the organizations mission, requirements, and scope and whether it is credible. Business grants are unlikely to be awarded if your proposal doesnt meet the additional requirements.

    Generally, grant proposals include the following elements: the title, summary, introduction, the need statement, goals, the project plan, project costs, the evaluation plan, the timeline, the sustainability plan, the budget, letters of recommendation, and the CV.

    Small Diverse Business Capital Access Program

    The Small Diverse Business Capital Access Program is a lending program that targets entrepreneurs from underserved backgrounds, particularly minority-owned, LGBT-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses, as well as businesses owned by people with disabilities. Businesses in a range of industries can qualify, including industrial, agricultural, research and development, hospitality, technology, construction, child daycare, and retail. To qualify, your company must have 100 or fewer employees.

    Similar to PIDA, the Diverse Business Program is run by CEDOs and community development financing institutions .The terms and interest rates are negotiated between the borrower and the CEDO or CDFI. Typically, the maximum loan amount ranges between $100,000 to $200,000. The first step toward eligibility is to get certified by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services as a minority-, woman-, veteran-, LGBT-, or disabled-owned business.

    Latest Grants Programs And Resources For Philadelphia Small Businesses

    Note: This post has been updated to reflect the Paycheck Protection Programs newly extended deadline of May 31, 2021, and regarding tax relief measures announced by the Department of Revenue on December 1.

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life for Philadelphians, this year has been one of immense challenges, especially for our local business community. Our local, small businesses have shown incredible resilience, and the City will continue to highlight resources offered by the public and private sectors, as they become available.

    Below are the latest programs, relief, and resources for businesses:

    Top 7 Pa Small Business Grants

  • Fundera Zach Grant
  • Home to some of the most iconic American industrial and manufacturing companies, Pennsylvania is booming with small businesses. The state has over 1 million small businesses that employ 2.4 million workers. With so many thriving businesses, itâs no wonder that many Pennsylvania business owners want to secure business loans or small business grants to help their business.

    In this article, weâll discuss the seven best Pennsylvania small business grants and resources. These grants are a mix of both local, state, and national grants. Weâll also talk about other ways to find the best small business grants and go over the process and best practices when youre applying.

    Saint Vincent College Sbdc

    Grants To Start A Small Business In Pennsylvania

    Jim Kunkel is the Director of St. Vincent College SBDC. In this position, he heads a team of management consultants whose mission is to provide professional planning, technical assistance, education and information to small and medium sized businesses. Mr. Kunkel earned his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Penn State University. He has also successfully completed faculty development certificate training in international business at the University of South Carolina and the American Graduate School of International Management . In addition to his duties within the SBDC, Mr. Kunkel is also an adjunct professor at Saint Vincent College where he teaches two courses: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Global Management.

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