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Nabdi Feasibility Study Basics

Federal grant will give boost to Native American businesses

A comprehensive NABDI proposal will describe how the potential project will create jobs and stimulate economic activity within a Native community. There are five categories that a review panel will use to evaluate and score NABDI proposals. The evaluation criterion is described in the NABDI Notice of Funding Opportunity .

Zenbusiness Is Here For You

Finding the right resources for your Native American-owned business can broaden your business horizons and unveil a whole new world of possibilities.

Here at ZenBusiness, we believe that minority-owned businesses matter. We want to help connect you with the many opportunities available to you.

But theres so much more we can do.

Whether you want to start a business, improve your business, or fund new business opportunities, were standing by to connect you with the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Feel free to learn about other benefits available to minority-owned businesses, and peruse one of our state-specific guides on how to start a business. If youre ready to launch your own limited liability company or corporation, we can help you with our business formation plans. We are here for you every step of the way.

The Office Of Native American Affairs

The SBAs Office of Native American Affairs is dedicated to promoting and supporting Native American entrepreneurs. Their Washington DC-based office engages in outreach activities including tribal consultations, development, and distribution of promotional materials, attendance and participation in national economic development conferences. Their entrepreneurial development program seeks to provide tools and education on lending and other matters to give you the tools you need to run a successful business.

As mentioned above, the Office of Native American Affairs also offers business grants in some areas.

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Grants For Minority Small Business Owners

While small businesses owned by minorities continue to be at a disadvantage, they are currently growing at an accelerated pace. In fact, somestudies suggest that minority-owned companies powered much of the small business growth we saw in the past decade.

Fortunately, dozens of granting opportunities are available to minority small business owners. Applying for grants has pros and consthe money doesnt have to be paid back like a loan, but the process is extremely competitive.

While some of these grants arent specifically limited to minority small business owners, they are either deeply committed to being nondiscriminatory or geared toward those doing business in traditionally underserved communities.

Commerce Announces Grants To Grow 14 Native American

Scholarships for Native American Women: College Grants for American ...

Native-owned and tourism-related businesses were hit especially hard by COVID-19,As these businesses look ahead to a brighter future, they will be more prepared with the digital resources and tools they need to reach and serve the modern-day traveler.Blackfeet Tribe

  • Sunshine Woman Creations
  • DeBoos Ranch Adventures

Chippewa Cree Tribe

  • Mels Diner dba Krusty Krab Fireworks

Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

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Operation Hope Small Business Empowerment Program

Operation Hope is geared toward new entrepreneurs looking to start up a business in historically low-income communities. The program is not a grant, but it offers business training and financial advisement for members. The organization also says that it will connect entrepreneurs with future funding opportunities.

The heart of the Operation Hope program is a 12-week training program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs an education in business. This program will help new small business owners grow their companies and have a beneficial impact on their communities.

Small Business Innovation Research And Small Business Technology Transfer

If your small business is in research or technology fields, you should be applying for theSBIR and SBTT grants available through the US government. These grants are highly competitive and the applications require a lot of attention, but the funding can be worth itdepending on the application, businesses can receive between $150,000 and $1 million in funding for research and development.

Some 11 federal agencies are required to reserve funds to award to small businesses through these grant programs, including NASA, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Science Foundation. Because it is the US government, the process is subject to numerous nondiscrimination statutes and Americans from minority groups are encouraged to apply. Especially if you have an invention or are developing technology of some sort, you should apply.

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Sba Business Development Programs

If youre a business owner who qualifies as a minority, the SBA has special programs that can help you get access to business counseling, training, guidance, and contracts. You can participate in these programs if your company qualifies as a minority-owned business.

Under the SBA guidelines, a minority-owned business is one in which the minority owner holds 51% or more of the company either in stock, assets, or equity. Minorities include African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, and Subcontinent Asian Americans. Each of these minority groups are eligible for the SBAs 8 Business Development program that offers counseling, training, guidance, and access to contracting opportunities.

Native American Business Development Institute Grant

Native American-owned businesses receive grants in Montana

The Native American Business Development Institute Grant is a popular grant opportunity for Native American Indian businesses. This grant provides financial assistance to help businesses in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and technology. To be eligible for the NABDI Grant, your business must have been operational for less than five years, have fewer than 50 employees, and be located in a rural area or low-income community.

Typical awards range from $25,000 to $75,000 in value. Applications are typically accepted twice a year, so be sure to check their website for updates.

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Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grants

PURPOSE: The Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant is a grant to assist a start-up or expanding Native American business in Montana. This money can be used for a variety of activities such as the purchase of new equipment or the development of a new product line. A total of $320,000 is available to fund Native American businesses in Montana.

GRANT APPLICATION PERIOD: July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: The funds are available to enrolled members of the eight federally recognized tribes in Montana. All applications must include documentation of tribal enrollment in the form of a Certified Indian Blood Form or tribal ID. An application will be considered incomplete without this information.

GRANT AMOUNT: Awards for individual businesses can be up to $14,000 with a minimum dollar to dollar cash or in-kind match and must be firmly committed and documented in the application.

GUIDELINES: Click HERE for the 2022 IEF program guidelines.

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Contact Information

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Release & Contact Info

Contact:Jay Fletcher 690-0498

WASHINGTON, July 21, 2014 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA is providing support to Native American communities in 18 states to help strengthen tribal business and create jobs. The funding is from USDA’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant program, which promotes the development of small and emerging businesses in rural areas.

“USDA continues to create ladders of opportunity in Native American communities by investing in the tools needed to create good-paying jobs and raise the quality of life for residents,” Vilsack said. “These strategic investments will help deliver more products and services to local customers, boost residents’ earnings and improve the economic vitality of these tribal communities.”

Rural Business Enterprise Grants also may be used to help fund distance learning networks and employment-related adult education programs. Eligible applicants include local governments, non-profit corporations and federally recognized Indian Tribes.

Since the start of the Obama Administration, the RBEG program has helped create or save more than 73,000 rural jobs, expanded or helped establish more than 41,000 rural businesses and community projects and provided more than $170 million in economic development assistance.

Below is the complete listing of the 18 recipients receiving more than $2.7 million in USDA funding. The assistance is contingent upon the recipients meeting the terms of the grant agreement.



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Title Vi Federal Guarantees For Financing Tribal Housing Activities

This is one of the federal grants given to Native Americans. The Federal agency managing these programs are Public and Indian housing, the office of Native American Programs, the office of a loan guarantee, and the department of housing.

Their major objective is to assist the Native Americans to obtain financing for affordable housing activities. where an obligation cannot be completed without such a guarantee.


Luckily, this grant program has no deadline.


The applicant must be a Federally recognized Native American or TDHE that is either a beneficiary or recipient of Indian Housing Block Grants funds.

Us Division Of Commerce Especially For Native Americans

CPCDC awarded $700k grant for Indian Country businesses  Citizen ...

The U.S. Division of Commerce keeps a wide range of award programs for minority populaces, including Native Americans. The most well-known sort of program that gives Native American independent venture awards is the thing that best is portrayed as zone award subsidizing.

Through this kind of award program, the Department of Commerce sets up a geographic region needing monetary help and improvement.

For instance, a specific Native American reservation might be set up as a financial zone focused on award help.

A nearby organization is given award financing straightforwardly from the Department of Commerce. Thus, the nearby organization gives go through award subsidizing to singular Native American private monetary advancement zone.

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Indigenous Economic Development Fund

The Indigenous Economic Development Fund provides grants and financing to Indigenous entrepreneurs, businesses, communities and organizations. The fund helps promote economic development and improve employment opportunities for Indigenous people.

The fund supports projects that:

  • diversify Indigenous economies
  • increase access to employment and training opportunities
  • provide start-up and expansion financing for small and medium-sized businesses
  • support financing, skills training and other economic development initiatives through collaboration between Indigenous communities and the private sector

The IEDF provides grants and financing through three funding streams:

  • Economic Diversification Grant

Native American Youth And Family Center

  • Applications open: Monday, October 4th, 9am
  • Applications close: Friday, October 22nd, 5 pm
  • Applicants notified: Monday, November 15th
  • Funds disbursed: November-December 2021

Use our FAQ Page to view answers to common questions!

Were pleased to announce the latest round of the COVID-19 Small Business Grant program begins September 13, 2021. The Native American Youth & Family Center, Oregon Native American Chamber, Our 42nd Avenue, and Cully Boulevard Alliance have partnered with Multnomah County to provide direct relief to entrepreneurs in our community. Funding distribution is guided by our equity framework and the knowledge that the BIPOC community have experienced the greatest impacts from the pandemic and are in need of the most support. These funds will serve applicants across multiple demographic categories all small businesses that meet the eligibility requirements will be considered.

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The Office Of Indian Country Economic Development Programs Will Begin Accepting Applications To The Fiscal Year 2022 Montana Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant Program Starting July 1 2021

PURPOSE: The Montana Indian Equity Fund Grants of the Indian Country Economic Development Program funding are intended to support tribal members in Montana to start or grow their business by deploying funds to support their business strategy. Funds may be used for the purchase of land, building and equipment, assets including furnishings, equipment and technology and selected use of working capital and business operations.

GRANT PERIOD: July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Tribal enrolled members of Montana tribes are the only eligible applicants for this portion of the Program. All applications must include documentation of tribal enrollment.

GRANT AMOUNT: A maximum of $14,000 per eligible applicant will be available in fiscal year 2022.

APPLICATION ASSISTANCE: Native American Business Advisors are available on each Reservation to assist applicants as they develop their grant proposals. Contact information for each advisor is available at NABA

For more information contact Luke Robinson at 406.841.2775, or visit the website.


Native American Federal Grant

COVID-19 Funding for Native American Business Owners

The U.S. Federal Government gives out over $300 billion each year to qualified persons who know about the existence of the grant programs. And also only to those who are aware of the federal program requirements and application procedures.

They say knowledge is power, likewise as a Native American small business owner, you need to be aware of the Federal grants available to you.

We will be discussing a number of these Federal grants, their objectives, qualifications, and deadlines.

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Since 1974 Weve Supported Over $2 Billion In Loans

In 2020, DCI offered 18 loan guarantees totaling over $125 million. Lenders working with DCI issued 21 insured loans totaling over $1.2 million. Many lenders are local many borrowers are first-time borrowers.

Through ILGP, our Division of Capital Investment helps American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and individuals overcome barriers to conventional financing and secure reasonable interest rates, while also reducing the risk to lenders by providing financial backing from the federal government.

What Does A Feasibility Study Evaluate

Feasibility studies can identify the logistical, financial, and market challenges of a proposed project by evaluating:

  • What the estimate would be to fund the project
  • When the potential business will offer a return on investment
  • The market for the proposed product or service
  • Likely consumers of the product or service
  • Likely competitors with a similar product or service
  • The price consumers may be willing to pay for the product or service
  • How large of a market share a tribal business is likely to capture

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Narrowing The Gap In Business Development Services

The diverse groups of awardees will focus on narrowing the gap in businesses development services provided by the SBA to Native American ventures. Among the award recipients was the Council on Native Hawaiian Advancement, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, Our Native American Business Network, Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma Inc, Two Rivers Community Development Corporation, RedWind, and Sister Sky, Inc.

The grants and awards are managed through the SBAs Office of Native American Affairs.

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Us Department Of Agriculture Business & Industry Loan Guarantee

First Peoples Fund

The U.S. Department of Agriculture guarantees business loans through the Business & Industry Loan Guarantee Program. Businesses in any rural community are eligible for USDA business loans and many Native American businesses satisfy the eligibility requirements. Both tribes and individual business owners are eligible for funding.

To qualify, you should meet the following basic requirements:

  • Your business should be located in a rural area with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants.

  • You must have some collateral to protect the lenders interest in the loan.

Collateral is often a tough requirement to satisfy but if youre planning to use the loan to purchase real estate, a building, or equipment, those assets can be used to secure the loan. The USDA guarantees loans up to $25 million and terms extend up to 30 years depending on what youre planning to use the loan for. Rates are negotiated between the lender and borrower, but they are usually below-market to help rural businesses get off the ground.

To get started, you can contact your local USDA office, which accepts applications year-round.

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How To Apply For A Small Business Grant

If getting free money was easy, everybody would be doing it. The lengthy application process deters many business owners from applying for fundingâbut even if the pool of applicants is small, the competition is high. If you find a grant that seems like the right fit for your business, itâs important to stand out from the rest.

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The National Minority Supplier Development Council

The National Minority Supplier Development Council , a corporate for-profit organization, connects minority entrepreneurs with corporations to facilitate supply chain distribution. NMSDC connects minority-owned businesses of all sizes to a network comprising over 1,450 corporate members.

Business membership in NMSDC requires certification as a Minority Business Enterprise . Once certified as an MBE, entrepreneurs gain access to NMSDC’s corporate network and membership seminars, trainings, and events. MBE certification comes with access to capital investing opportunities and other funding sources.

The annual NMSDC conference offers entrepreneurs networking opportunities with other MBE members and corporate representatives. The event hosts a variety of workshops and exhibitor booths to facilitate education and connection.

Available NMSDC programs for members include Emerging Young Entrepreneurs, Growth Initiative, and Corporate Plus®:

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Small Business Administration Business Guide For Native American

The major objective of this program is to provide technical assistance and training for Native American small business owners who often face unique challenges. Some of the assistance includes workshops, training for government contracts, and partnership opportunities with non-Native American businesses.

Seattle Good Business Network

SBA Celebrates National Native American Heritage Month

Do you have a business in Seattle and looking for ways to make it more environmentally sustainable? Seattle Good Business Network can help you find free tools, technical assistance and resources through partnerships and programs. It has been awarded a Seattle Public Utilities Waste-Free Matching Communities Grant to offer free resources. The organization has other programs as well that can help you with your business needs.

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National Minority Supplier Development Council

Thislarge council is a corporate member organization that is dedicated to boosting small business owners of diverse backgrounds. The council offers a series of grants every year for businesses involved in the global supply chain, including grants forvery young entrepreneurs.

To be eligible for these grants, you need to register with the council and have your businesscertified as a minority-owned company. This deep-pocketed organization has other resources beyond grants, includingadvisory services for certified members.

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