Grants For Ex Offenders To Start Business

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What Are Grants For Felon Business Owners

IF Ex Felons Can Get a $100,000 Gov’t Business Grant Why Not Youi operates a federal government grant database that is accessible through a browser or mobile app. You can search the database by keyword, funding type, eligibility, category and other criteria.

Youre better off casting a wider net by using more general search terms when looking for grants on this website. For example, a search using the keyword felons yielded no results, but startup did. Look for grants geared toward entrepreneurs, small businesses, industry, gender and heritage, instead of those intended specifically for felons or ex-prisoners. You can apply for grants directly from

Other Financial Resources For Felons

In addition to government grants for felons, former inmates can secure business funding through angel investors, business loans and crowdfunding platforms. These financing solutions may be options for those who are capable of taking on debt or willing to give up a portion of their business ownership.

Can Felons Get Small Business Loans

If youre curious about small business loans, know that your criminal record isnt necessarily a barrier to getting the funds you seek.

There are a wide variety of small business loans you may qualify for, whether youre launching a startup or looking to build an existing business. Even if you have low credit scores, there are lenders you may qualify for loans with.

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Getting Back On Your Feet

Think, for example, you have had your share of grievances and you got penalized for it. After spending your sentence and years in a prison cell, you can finally get out and continue living your life.

Even if you wanted to attain a normal life, get a decent paying job just enough for you or your familys living expenses, and you hope that you could get back on your feet and start all over again you might have considerable deep trouble. Felonslike youtend to be judged by the people and society. With this, it might be hard for you to get a decent job.

Of course, it is quite understandable for people, businesses, enterprises, corporations, or any hiring institutions to be wary of having an ex-convict or felon in their workforce. It could build unsolicited fear in their employees, it could taint the reputation of their company, and it could deteriorate the integrity that they have in their consumers or clients point of view of their company.

Of course, other corporations welcome people who wanted to start anew and change their lives but it is once in a blue moon in every industrynot to mention that there is enough competition for the job openings.

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State Grants For Felons

Can A Felon Get A Small Business Loan

Small business grants for felons are also offered at the state and local levels. Similar to federal grants, they are available to ex-felons but generally do not target them.

Ex-felons can secure business grants at the state level. Some state governments may offer business grants to encourage economic growth within their state. Ohio, for example, created The New Small Business Grant for businesses established in 2020. Eligible business owners can qualify for up to $10,000, which can be used to support the survival and stability of their enterprises.

Some business grants target specific counties, too. The MicroEnterprise Grant program offers grants up to $25,000 to small businesses in Montgomery County, Ohio. Targeting socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, this grant can be useful for ex-felons who have not been in business long and are generating little revenue.

Some state grants target applicants from certain backgrounds. As an example, Prospera whose motto is Advancing Hispanic Business works with entrepreneurs from that community located in Central and South Florida. This economic development nonprofit organization offers bilingual assistance and business development services free of charge.

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Dont Forget To Network

Networking and forming strong connections within the local business community or within the larger industry in question can not only help you secure a small business loan, it can also provide valuable mentorship opportunities.

Being mentored by an experienced business owner can clue you in to loan, grant, or other funding opportunities for your business that you might not have previously considered. That mentor may also act as a consignee or reference on your loan application, helping improve the odds your loan application will be approved.

With these pointers in mind, its time to apply for your first business loan or grant. Which one is best for felons? That information, and a whole lot more, is coming up next.

Grants For Felons 202: What You Should Know And Tips To Get It

More than a few significant laws have been passed by the United States government over the past decade to deal with the issue. However, federal grants in 2022 totaling millions of dollars have been planned to assist felons in finding gainful employment. Yet, there is no such thing as a personal award from the federal government because of the nature of the grant programs. In addition, it can be challenging to locate appropriate grants for each unique circumstance, such as housing grants for felons. The vast majority of federal grants end up in state labor departments that assist felons in finding small business, as well as in faith-based and community organizations whose primary goal is to provide microgrants assistance to felons soon after their release from prison.

However, despite legal protections for ex-felons right to be treated fairly in the workplace, it is still hard to get work. Our economys precarious state is only compounded by the rising level of competition for available employment. Providing fewer opportunities for felons to work is no ones responsibility. Furthermore, research indicates that over 80% of US-based organizations conduct background checks on job applicants. Unfortunately, many people who have served prison time and are now looking for work have no chance against the typical applicant.

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Places To Start Grants For Ex Offenders

  • The Second Chance Act
  • Basically, it is a federal government program that is designed into law in 2008. They distributed hundreds of million dollars to federal agencies. The collected funds support the Department of Labors ex-offender so the ex-offenders can re-entry job training programs, re-educated by state and non-profit organization program, provided them counseling and abuse treatment as well as job placement.

    The fund distribution is available annually through the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance . This program is available for state, local, territorial as well as tribal governments with various programs starting from training programs to adult and juvenile mentoring educational program.

    If you want to get any information about the Second Chance Act mentorship program grants, for example, Juvenile Mentoring Initiative or annual solicitations for the project proposals, you can basically check it on their National Re-entry Resource Center website by visiting

  • Federal Student Aid
  • It depends on the state the ex-offenders live in and you can find many ex-offenders with the need for housing assistance, welfare programs as well as student aid. The Federal Student Aid program is under the Department of Education . They provide Pell Grants that support many ex-convicts to get grants for higher education level.

    To be eligible to get this aid, there are some requirements as below:


    Four Business Grants For Felons

    Small Business Assistance For Ex Felon Entrepreneurs 2021

    Business grants for felons offer a unique opportunity in the sense one doesnt need to pay back. These business grants for felons to start a business work in providing an opportunity. The grants for felons to start a business aim towards an equal playing field as much as possible.

    Lets then deep dive into small business grants for felons:

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    Department Of Labor Grants

    The United States Department of Labor helps many people with grants for small businesses, housing, feeding, and other needs. Felons are also eligible to apply for these grants. The downside is, there is a lot of competition. This is because application is open to everyone. Ex-convicts may not be seen as top priority. Career One Stop are centers sponsored by the US Department of Labor. Anyone can visit in to seek help regarding employment and small business loans.

    Financial Resources For Felons

    Many convicted felons lack a financial history, which is necessary to get business financing. Another potential issue is the presence of negative credit. Felons may also have difficulty getting financial support from friends and family. In this case, bootstrapping, or starting a company on your own from the ground up, may be the only option.

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    What Is A Grant

    A grant is free funding that doesnt need to be paid back. Its completely free and is provided by an individual entity, such as the corporation, the government, or a foundation. Generally, grants are given on the basis of needs. There are certain conditions that you need to fulfill and theres no guarantee that youll qualify for the reward.

    But dont be discouraged. There are numerous grants out there for ex-convicts who wish to return to school or start a business. Both the federal government and private companies offer various types of programs that you can apply and qualify for.

    Fedex Small Business Grant Contest

    Loans &  Grants For Felons

    Through the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, ten small businesses receive grants of up to $50,000 and $4,000 in FedEx Office print and small business services. Other winners may receive smaller business grants and other perks as well.

    The entry window for the contest has closed this year. But you can review eligibility requirements online in an effort to prepare for the next round of grant applications. FedEx does reserve the right to do a background check on finalists.

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    Federal Small Business Grants

    A former felony typically will not disqualify you from federal grant funds. But you may not find many federal grant programs designed to help former felons get a second chance either.

    If youre interested in federal business grants, consider searching first. Beyond small business grants, remember that you may be able to access other types of federal grant funding as well.

    The Pell Grant, for example, is a need-based form of federal student aid that might help you. You could use a Pell Grant to cover the cost of schooling for traditional college classes or trade-related training that could provide you with the certification you need to start your desired business.

    Local Producer Loan Program

    If you are planning to start a business related to food or farming, then the Local Producer Loan Program offered by Whole Foods Market is a great option. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has made more than $22m in loans.

    These loans are mainly for helping local food artisans and small farmers. You can get a loan worth between $10,000-$100,000 with minimum fixed interest rates. You cannot use the money for operating expenses. It should be used for capital expenditures and business expansion, such as purchasing more animals, new infrastructure and equipment, or expanding crops. Furthermore, you need to make payments every month on this loan.

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    Private Loans For Felons

    It is not impossible for a felon/ex-felon to receive a private loan from a bank. The chance is greater if the felony was committed over 10 years ago and you have decent credit. Since the financial crisis of 2008 banks have tightened up dramatically.

    There are only three options to get a private loan as a felon.

  • You should be able to get credit cards as a felon. Most Credit Card companies do not care if you are a convicted felon or not. They are mostly interested in what your credit score and history looks like. If you have poor credit then you may want to consider repairing it. This can easily be done on your own if you have the right knowledge and instructions. On our books for felons page we have recommended a great book that will give you all the information to clean up your credit and launch disputes.
  • If you need a private loan for an invention or small business then you are may have to raise money from private investors. This can be a very difficult task but can be accomplished if you put the time and energy into it.
  • Collateral. In other words if you have something of great value then you can put that up for security to the bank or person you are borrowing from. This is high risk for you. If you do not pay the borrowed money back then you will lose whatever you put up for collateral.
  • Can Felons Qualify For Federal Grants

    $10,000 Gov Business Grants for Ex-Felons, Crappy Credit, Low Income, Can’t Pay Rent, Car, Utilities

    In addition to grants offered by private companies like those above, local and federal governments also offer grant programs, and your past felony conviction isnt a barrier to qualifying.

    You can search for federal government grants on You may also want to check with your local government to see if there are other programs you qualify for.

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    Business Loans And Grants For Felons

    Re-entering the workforce can be difficult after serving jail time as a convicted felon. Not only do felons lose their ability to vote and serve on a jury, they can also have difficulty finding a job to support a new positive lifestyle. Starting a business may be an opportunity to start fresh, but there may be some roadblocks when it comes to scaling growth. Understanding small business loan opportunities for felons can make the path to successful financing much easier.

    Small Business Grants And Loans For Felons

    Convicted felons, like everyone else, often want to change their lives for the better by starting a business once they have served their time. And yet, they may have a more difficult time of it, since there is some prejudice against ex-convicts.

    You might wonder: can I even start my own business? Can I qualify for grants or loans? Is it even worth the effort?

    Lets explore your options as an ex-convict looking to turn over a new leaf.

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    Business Grants For People With Felony Convictions

    by Liz Froment | Updated Aug. 5, 2022 – First published on May 18, 2022

    Image source: Getty Images

    If youve been incarcerated, it can be a challenge to get back on your feet. For many, finding a job may be difficult.

    Theres often a stigma around those who have a felony record, and, if you can secure employment, its usually for a lower wage. That makes it hard to save up, pay off debts, and move forward with your life.

    However, theres another option to consider: small business ownership. There are many funding opportunities out there for small business owners across the country. From loans to grants, which offer free money that doesnt need to be paid back, there are options out there if youre an ex-convict.

    Many people assume that there arent any available grants for people with felony convictions, but, in most cases, thats not true. There are both grants and loans for the previously convicted, including loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration . You just need to know where to look.

    Getting Ready To Start A Small Business As A Felon

    Can Felons Get Grants For College

    Running a successful business would require skills. Its advisable to take some courses, join a practical class, or get a degree. This will go a long way in improving the felons credibility as well. There are a couple of resources they can take advantage of.

    Some of these are:

    1 The Correctional facility: Felons can enroll in skill acquisition programs in prison. They may have the opportunity to learn craft making, operating MS office and so on.

    2 Local Community Self-development Programs: There could be programs organized in the local communities to help people acquire skills. Some of these may be free or very affordable.

    3 Teaching and Training Platforms for felons: There are organizations that train and teach felons on how to start and grow small businesses. Example is the non-profit group, Inmates to Entrepreneurs. They offer both online and offline courses. They also organize workshops in some correctional institutes. Ex-convicts can also look into other platforms offering free counselling and advice for anyone with small business aspirations. SCORE is one example. For over 50 years, theyve helped many people to start and grow their businesses.

    Some degrees felons can get are:

    • Entrepreneurship

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    The Importance Of Small Business Grants For Felons

    The Sentencing Project highlights around 60% of the people out after term conviction are left without a job. This period usually lasts over a year. Even though NGOs are working to aid a better life. The salary remains 40% less than that of the general population.

    Do you need a quick loan even if you have a bad credit history? Here are the top options to provide you the 4000 dollar loans with no credit check.

    Another statistic by the RAND corporation plays out the fact over 3.8% of small business owners have criminal records. 1.5% have felony records. Be it a problem of drug addiction or other criminal records, there is help needed.

    • They help to provide some comfort in the uphill battle to break into and do away with the prejudices of society.
    • Small business grants for felons aim in providing perhaps that. The number of small-time business owners accounts for over one million in number. Therefore, it takes primary importance.

    What are some small business grants for felons to access then? I am going to list down the details.

    Fedex Small Business Grant Context

    This is a sort of lottery in a way but there is no harm in trying out the luck right? FedEx offers grants for felons and others around 4,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars. All the money in FedEx office prints and business services with other winners receiving around 20,000 dollars.

    In case youre wondering about having a go at this small business grant for felons, check online to see the eligibility and prepare yourself the best you can.

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