Grants For At-risk Youth Programs 2022

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About Youth Employment Services In York Region

Youth At-Risk of Homelessness: Alameda County Social Services – Youth Transitions Partnership – AD

It isnt easy to find full-time employment, so make use of the programs and agencies in York Region that support youth looking for full-time employment.


The Provincial Government funds the Job Connect Program, which is a Counsellor-assisted career and employment preparation program intended to help youth make a successful transition to employment or further education and training. Services include: summer jobs, job search assistance, skills assessment, career planning and exploration, job maintenance, pre-employment preparation and GED assessment. A counsellor will help you to become job ready and then help you to find a job.

The Federal Government funds the Job Skills Program, which provides a number of self-directed resources that you can use to assist you in your job search. Services are provided at no cost to any unemployed individual in York Region.

Types of Employment Centres

Program Making A Difference For At

Program making a difference for at-risk youth

COBB COUNTY, Ga. A student who was expelled from school is now on the road to success, thanks to a program the Marietta City School district offers.

Juan Linares was 15-years-old when he was charged with a felony.

I had a probation officer. I was on house arrest. I guess I was hanging around the wrong people. Its not like they were bad bad … like committing crimes, Linares told Channel 2s Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell.

He decided to change the path he was on and enrolled in the Marietta Alternative Placement School.

After I got expelled I would hang out with them on the weekends, but once I started doing the dual enrollment I stopped hanging with all the people that I talked to in high school and just had two friends, said Linares.

I surrounded myself with people that had goals. I know if I get locked up my mom is not going to want to see me in jail. I think about my nieces and nephews, like what example am I putting to them? said Linares.


He is setting a good example now.

I turned something bad into good and thats what I like. I really want to be an entrepreneur. I want to have my own mechanic shop, said Linares.

Linares is closer to fulfilling his dreams. He graduated from the MAPS program and credits the programs coordinator for much of his success.

Different Federal Grant Programs To Help At Risk Youths

There are many government departments and agencies which offer financial assistance for those working with at risk teens. Here is a summary of several of these grants.

The YouthBuild Program is a Federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and targets economically disadvantaged young people aged 16 to 24 who have dropped out of high school and need help getting back into education. In addition funds are provided for low-cost housing. The grants are to cover counseling and referral services as well as educational costs. State government agencies as well as private and non-profit groups are eligible to apply.

Gang-Free Schools is a Federal grant scheme from the Department of Justice and aims to prevent at-risk youth from joining gangs and becoming involved in crime. Funds are available for programs which offer counseling to at-risk youth, to establish and maintain neighborhood community groups and training assistance for adults who deal with at-risk youth. Grants are made to profit or non-profit agencies or individuals.

Delinquency Prevention Program grants provide Federal funds from the Department of Justice to state and local government agencies to help them develop and maintain programs to prevent delinquents being removed from the criminal justice system and into a law-abiding lifestyle. The programs are to directly aid at-risk youth and their families.

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Global Fund For Children Grants: Become A Partner

Global Fund for Children

Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Youth Services Child Abuse & Neglect Women’s Rights & Equality Women & Girl Services Sexuality & LGBTQIA+ Rights LGBTQIA+ Services Reproductive Health Reproductive Rights Youth Development & Leadership Child Welfare Services Life Skills Training & Rehabilitation Vocational & Trade Education Educational Access & Equity Show all

Applicant type:Nonprofit

Funding uses: General Operating Expense

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Anywhere in the world

Everything You Need To Know About At

YouthBuild Funding Awarded

Sadly there are millions of young people in the US today who are at-risk. They may be in gangs, taking drugs, have run away from home,, are drinking alcohol or are in trouble with the law. Fortunately there are many institutions and individuals who are attempting to help these troubled teens.

Many levels of government run programs designed to help at-risk youth. There are federal funds available to help people assist young folk who need support and guidance. Here is a group of programs for which funding is available. It is not an exhaustive list.

The Youth Build Program GrantsFederal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development gives grants to programs which assist unemployed young people who have dropped out of high school. Deals with training in the fields of architecture and building.

Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block GrantsFederal funding from the Department of Justice gives grants to States and local government programs which assist unemployed young people who have dropped out of high school. These grants deal with many issues concerned with juvenile justice including research into young offenders, the recruitment and training of judges working in this field, better trial and pre-trial accountability, more and better-trained probation officers and developing programs to reduce recidivism.

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Apprenticeship Building America Grant Program

This Funding Opportunity Announcement solicits applications for the Apprenticeship Building America grant program. This FOA supports a coordinated, national investment strategy that aims to strengthen and modernize the Registered Apprenticeship Program system, centered on equity and promotes Registered Apprenticeship as a workforce development solution. Applicants have the opportunity to apply for funding across four grant categories: State Apprenticeship System Building and Modernization Expansion of RAP Opportunities for Youth Ensuring Equitable RAP Pathways Through Pre-Apprenticeship Leading to RAP Enrollment and Equity Partnerships and Registered Apprenticeship Hubs.

The ABA grant program builds on the Departments previous and ongoing efforts to expand and modernize Registered Apprenticeship through expanding the number of programs and apprentices, diversifying the industries that utilize Registered Apprenticeship, and increasing access to and completion of RAPs for underrepresented populations and underserved communities.

Eons 201: Appendix E Minority University Research And Education Project For Sustainability And Innovation Collaborative



The Library of Congress will expand the connections between the Library and diverse communities and strengthen the use of Library of Congress digital collections and digital tools. The Library of Congress seeks to award a grant to support the creative and wide-ranging use of Library collections and the connective powers of technology to serve Black, Indigenous, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander or other racial and ethnic minority populations within the United States in sharing stories about Americas past, present, and future. Projects funded through this program will use items from across the Librarys digital collections, and may describe, display, and re-mix them, in keeping with copyright and other laws, in whatever ways are most valuable to their own context. For this grant, technology can be used in simple or in complex ways, and successful applicants may develop new technologies or make use of existing platforms, tools, or approaches, such as social media platforms, or multimedia productions. The important factor in a successful project is the connections it enables in communities, and the impact of the project on its creators, users, and audience. See the Notice of Funding Opportunity for further information







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Description Of Original Award

Westcare Texas, Inc., will use funding to develop coordinated prevention and intervention strategies for youth and their families who have been impacted by opioids and other substances. The WestCare Texas Embracing Project will expand existing mentoring activities to support the implementation of peer services to youth who have been affected by opioid use disorder and those at-risk for substance use, juvenile delinquency, victimization, and juvenile justice system involvement.

Community Prevention Grants Programs

Youth Development Information Session – July 6, 2022

The Title V Community Prevention Grants Program funds collaborative, community-based delinquency prevention efforts. The program integrates six fundamental principles-comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches, research foundation for planning, community control and decision making, leveraging of resources and systems, evaluation to monitor program progress and effectiveness, and a long-term perspective-that combine to form a strategic approach to reducing juvenile delinquency.

Overview of the Title V Community Prevention Grants Program.

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Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grant

This Funding Opportunity Announcement solicits applications for the third round of Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants . DOL is soliciting applications for SCC3 through an amendment to the second round of the SCC grants funding opportunity announcement . Applications for SCC3 are due October 14, 2022, using the SCC2 FOA .

For the purposes of this FOA, this training initiative has two parts: the standard program grants will be referred to as SCC3 Program Grants and the additional evaluation funds will be referred to as Additional SCC3 Evaluation Funding. The purpose of this program is to address two inter-related needs: 1) to increase the capacity and responsiveness of community colleges to address identified equity gaps, and 2) to meet the skill development needs of employers in in-demand industries and career pathways, as well as the skill development needs of underserved and underrepresented workers.

Ultimately, these grants should build the capacity of community colleges to address identified equity gaps and meet the skill development needs of employers in in-demand industries and career pathways leading to quality jobs. These efforts will yield sustainable systems-level changes in education and training through collaboration between community colleges, employers and the public workforce development system that align education and training, work experiences, and industry-recognized credentials that lead to career growth.Prospective Applicant Webinar

Children Youth And Families At Risk

  • PYD Inter-Agency Working Groups/White House Initiatives
  • The Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Grant Program allocates funding provided by congressional appropriation to Land-grant university Cooperative Extension for comprehensive community-based programs for at-risk children, youth, and families.

    The CYFAR mission is to provide resources to Land-Grant University System and Cooperative Extension Systems so that, in collaboration with other organizations, they can develop and deliver educational programs that equip at-risk youth with the skills they need to lead positive, productive, contributing lives. The CYFAR Program is based on tools and resources that enhance and support positive development for at-risk children, youth and families and on the human ecological principle of working across the lifespan in the context of the family and community.


    Since 1991, CYFAR has supported programs in more than 2,400 communities in all states and territories. State and local public and private organizations have contributed cash and in-kind resources that match or exceed the federal appropriation. CYFAR supports comprehensive, intensive, community-based programs developed with active citizen participation. CYFAR promotes positive child, youth and family development by supporting healthy environments and providing opportunities for learning and leadership by youth and adults in their communities.


    The CYFAR program is committed to the vision that:

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    Greater Cleveland Interfaith Alliance

    Houses of worship are among the most reliable strands in the social safety net. The Greater Cleveland Interfaith Alliance is a cohort-based, two-year capacity building program that supports cross-denominational faith organizations operating as safety points and resources in their communities. There are more than 30 faith-based organizations in the Greater Cleveland Interfaith Alliance, with 10 new organizations joining in summer 2020 as part of the programs third cohort.

    Want to learn more about youth development and social services initiatives in Greater Cleveland? Check out our Youth Development & Social Services e-newsletter archive:

    Youth Violence Prevention And Intervention


    Through programs like Peacemakers Alliance, administered by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland, we support crime prevention and conflict mediation for youth and young adults who are at risk of, victims of, or perpetrators of violence. Peacemakers partners with local hospitals and courts to intervene when youth are involved in violent or criminal acts, and it interrupts the cycle of violence through strategic gang outreach.

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    Grantsgov Youth Funding Opportunity Grants

    Youth serving opportunities and partnerships at the state and local level tell us that using to find funding opportunities to serve youth and their families is a challenge. is happy to announce the launch of the new tool that helps to solve this problem by allowing users to search for grants for programs that specifically serve youth and their families. This search tool taps into the database and allows users to customize their search results by applying keywords and filters for youth-related topics and grant-providing agencies.

    The Youth Funding Opportunity Search Tool helps you find open solicitations across more than 12 federal funding departments, for about 300 programs that specifically support youth and their families. The tool simplifies the search for youth-related grants available on and requires users to take fewer steps to find youth-related grants than when searching the database directly.

    All of the grants available through this tool are sorted into 25+ youth-related topics:

    • Afterschool Programs

    Key Grants For Presenters:

    • Arts Across Canada& Arts Abroad both have travel grants to allow you to attend significant events where you can research artists for potential presentation, and bring in artists from abroad.
    • Arts Festivals and Presenters Grant provides core funding to presenting organizations. To qualify, you must have received at least 3 Canada Council project grants in the last 5 years. You must also have at least one professional staff member in your organization.
    • Professional Development for Arts ProfessionalsIncludes support for mentorships, internships, specialized training and more
    • Foreign Artist Tours Grantsupports presenters who want to circulate exhibitions or tour artists from other countries.

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    See More Grants For Youth Programs

    We have 10,000+ more grants for you. Find out which ones are good fits for your nonprofit.

    âThrough Instrumentl, I was able to accomplish in 6 hours…SIX HOURS…what would have taken days or weeks with search engine.â

    Deadline: Rolling

    Grant amount: US $200 – US $15,000

    Fields of work: Environment Youth Development & Leadership Sanitation & Clean Drinking Water Food Access & Hunger Homelessness Services Poverty Alleviation & Services Career/College Preparation Early Childhood Development Air Quality Science Refugee Services Child Welfare Services Basic Human Needs Freshwater Conservation Academic Scholarship Programs Show all

    Applicant type:Nonprofit

    Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program, Conference, Research

    Location of project: Anywhere in the world

    Location of residency: United States

    Council Approves Lease For Youth Housing Program In Shepparton

    NOFO overview for SAMHSAs FY22 Clinical High Risk for Psychosis grants (CHR-P)

    Greater Shepparton City Council was unanimous in a decision to lease land in Shepparton for a housing program supporting at-risk young people.

    The Village 21 program run by not-for profit Kids Under Cover provides accommodation and support to help six people aged 18 to 21 transition to living independently after leaving foster care.

    At Tuesdays December council meeting, council approved a 10-year lease of 20-22 Perrivale Dve, Shepparton, at a peppercorn rental of $1 per year, with a single option to renew to realise a Village 21 program.

    Earlier in 2022, land in Deane Crt, Shepparton had been identified as the preferred location, but re-evaluation of the suitability and community feedback saw the lease requested for Perrivale Dve instead.

    City of Greater Shepparton Mayor Shane Sali said Kids Under Cover had remained connected with council to work on finding another location.

    That collaboration is important and it shows that were willing to work to get outcomes, Cr Sali said.

    We heard that integration into residential estates, close to services, connection with other people is what community felt was best , and I support that.

    The Kids Under Cover model is really good, I like the concept with the live-in mentors, its supporting our youth, and the actual look and feel of the development Im sure it will enhance that space.

    Disappointingly, a journey that has delivered very little in outcomes but today we can hopefully change that, Cr Spinks said.

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    Springfield Receives $12m Grant For Programs Aimed At Youth At Risk For Gang Involvement

    The Baker-Polito administration announced this week it awarded more than $10.4 million across the state to fund programs targeting youth violence, with over $1.2 million flowing to Springfield for 13 programs aimed at youth identified as high risk for getting involved in a gang.

    The funds are part of Senator Charles E. Shannon Jr.s Community Safety Initiative Grant program, a competitive grant that funds everything from violence intervention programs, youth programming to reintegration services. Each grant recipient will distribute its funds to partner agencies and programs identified in their grant application.

    In a statement, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno said Shannon Grant funds come with a comprehensive plan to coordinate prevention among multi-disciplinary partners.

    I want to thank the Baker-Polito Administration for their continued support of the successful Shannon Grant Initiative. These key funds look to strike a proper balance of proactive youth development programs with a public safety operation, when and if needed to knock down hot spot areas, Sarno said.

    In the past, the city has used Shannon Grant funding to increase the number patrols around Emerson Wight Park and South End Community Center. Some of the Shannon Grant money has also gone to the Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation Army and Springfield Parks and Recreation Department.

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