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Passive Income In Real Estate

Success Advice from Grant Cardone

As I mentioned earlier, Grant has established a strong reputation for himself in the field of real estate investment, and in this session, he will show you how to achieve the same level of success.

In this section, Grant describes how he capitalized on his understanding of the market to build a fortune in real estate, as well as the reasons why he believes the industry is swimming in wealth at the moment.

What Separates Grant Cardone From Tai Lopez And Dan Lok

At first look, they are all pretty much the same.

They are selling knowledge so that you can one day become the CEO of your own business, increase your profits, and minimize your losses and live life the way you want to be filled with freedom.

So basically they are trying to sell you some type of knowledge to start making money online or offline.

They offer you something of value.

Unfortunately, their business model is to sell you information, it isnt necessarily to make you money.

Youre getting something for your money, but that doesnt necessarily mean that theres going to be cash flow.

The biggest difference is that Grant promotes working hard to get the things that you want.

Grant is also a friend ofRussell Brunson who has the same belief in working hard to build something your proud of without having to go to college. Grant even uses Brunsons funnel methods to sell his books.

Finding Recovery And Early Experiences In Business

After quitting drugs cold turkey, Joe started exercising and lifting weights. He found that being active helped to keep his trauma at bay and soon thereafter he got a job selling gym memberships. Through a connection he made at the gym, he got another job at a mental hospital which involved driving recovering addicts to local AA meetings.

Though he never went to any 12-Step groups voluntarily, sitting in on meetings was transformative, and made him realize that he was an addict who wanted to stay sober.

After two years long years of holding odd jobs, Joe decided to invest all of his savings of only $1,500 on equipment and supplies to start a carpet cleaning company. This new venture would be a nice change up for him. However, the new carpet cleaning venture didnt solve all of his problems.

Joe enjoyed being in business for himself, and he worked really hard at it. But, like many new business ventures, it was extremely difficult to gain traction and he found himself getting deeper and deeper into debt.

Fortunately, a turning point came after meeting a successful real estate investor who asked Joe if anyone in his industry was making money. After replying that there were successful people in carpet cleaning, the investor replied: Then the business isnt the problem. Youre the problem.

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Sell Or Be Sold: How To Get Your Way In Business And Life

In Sell or Be Sold, Cardone breaks down the techniques and approaches necessary to master the art of selling in any avenue. You will learn how to handle rejection, turn around negative situations, shorten sales cycles, and guarantee yourself greatness. Cardone will also teach you the success essentials of

Cardone’s Road To Wealth

Grant Cardone Keynote Speakers Bureau and Speaking Fee

Cardone’s net worth hit astronomical heights but started from humble beginnings. His cavalier advice on buying and selling is reflective of his humble beginnings. Tragedy followed by adversity could have held him back. So it’s quite possible that after his stint in rehab, a new look on life presented itself with more possibilities than he had ever imagined before. He travels the world for motivational speaking, sales training or even to cut a new real estate deal. It seems he plans to live by his mantra of staying lean, being nimble, working hard, making hard decisions quickly, and of course, having fun.

Speed is the currency that you want to maximize on today. Most people just go too slow. They think too long and they never take any action. Grant Cardone

Of course, his approach isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In social media and on-stage, he famously quips, “Dont be a little b**** champions dominate.” That’s not the only way to create wealth.

In fact, our whole take on capitalism is that it’s the best way to serve people and make the world a better place. Our formula for building million dollar businesses begins with finding a group of people to serve, finding out what problems they’re facing, and solving those problems through physical products.

We’d love to help you, too!

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Is Grant Cardone The Best Real Estate Investor

Many new gurus of the online business world claim to have achieved financial independence and are now living the dream life But is Grant Cardone really the greatest of the rest?

Grant may have started his career in the automotive industry, but his adaptability in real estate is a major strength.

This investors training program emphasizes the following strategies:

  • improve your sales process
  • boost your bottom line
  • spot the best opportunity

Because of his ability to pool the resources of other entrepreneurs, he has amassed enormous wealth through real estate investments. In fact, I support this strategy!

He is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises as well as a well-known author and speaker. He is the mastermind behind the successful commercial enterprises Cardone University, Cardone TV Network and Cardone Capital.

Given his extensive track record, I believe he has secured a place among the very greatest real estate investors.

Grant Cardone Early History With Real Estate Investment

Grant has been passionate about the real estate market since the age of 15. When he was still young, he and his father who was a very successful businessman visited various pieces of land and over time his interest in matters concerning real estate intensified. Shopping for properties is something that Grant Cardone still enjoys up to date.

Grant Cardone graduated with an accounting degree in 1981 and despite him wanting to venture into the real estate market immediately, he decided to postpone what he liked to for a few years. This was a crucial decision because it allowed him to gather enough resources which he later to use to make an investment in real estate. It also gave him enough time to research and educate himself about real estate.

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The Secret To Grant Cardones Success

Youre a self-made millionaire. What has been the catalyst for your success? What would you recommend to those looking to make it big?

Im a risk-averse person. I dislike taking risks. So I make sure I dont lose money. Also, I dont go to work to work. I go to work because I want to be paid. That being said, I dont get paid for 80% of the things I do. But I come to work to improve my financial situation, not just to get my job done.

The closer you can get to cash flow, the better off you are. Grant Cardone

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This is what Ive known ever since Ive been reading books about money. Ive always wanted money because whoever had the money had the control. My daddy had the money. He made it, controlled it, used it, invested it, and knew everything about it.

When he died, my momma didnt know anything about money and the place went into chaos. We were living in the constant fear of not having enough money to get through the day.

Get some money and dont lose it.

I learned this at a very early stage. And Warren Buffett talks about this. So I take my money and I use it first on myself, and Ive done this my whole life. I also invest heavily in Grant Cardone. I make investments that I know I cant lose. Whats an investment I cant lose? People like to think all investments have some risk. Thats not true. Take care of yourself and invest in yourself.

The third reason for my success is that I invest in things that are going to work.

My Favourite Grant Cardone Videos

Advice for Young People – Grant Cardone

Im also a big fan of Tai Lopez as I have reviewed a number of his programs like his SMMA 2.0 program and Amazon Sales Blueprint program.

Tai did an interview with Grant Cardone which I think is a great video:

The next video is probably my favourite interview Grant has ever done and is by London Real:

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Question: What Religion Does Grant Cardone Follow

Answer: Grant Cardone grew up in a Catholic household . However, he has publically stated that he is a Scientologist and is extensively involved in the movement. This has included opening Scientology Media Productions and contributing to various disaster relief efforts through Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Grant Cardone Early Life

At 25, you were in rehab for drug addiction and without a job. By 30, you had already made your first million dollars. How did the transition happen?

In essence, that story is of a lost kid. I was 25 when I left the treatment facility supposedly with the disease and was unable to have any kind of real life. The rehab is supposed to help people handle the addiction. Their sole goal is to get you off the drug for 28 days. Yet they have little to no success.

While treating the symptoms, treatment centers easily overlook the root cause. The problem wasnt the drug for me. The problem was what got people like me to these drugs in the first place. And that was never addressed while I was in rehab.

But I kept strong and left with a feeling of gratefulness, with the thought of going just 24 hours without a drug. I have not used a drug, any kind of drug, since then. That was the only way I was going to have success by not using a drug. I left there and figured out what my problems were. My primary problem was that I was bored. I didnt have any direction or purpose. Neither did I have a job nor a game.

I was 10 when my dad died and it left me with a big void. He was really successful and I looked up to him every day.

In everyones life, you have someone youre looking up to or looking down to or looking sideways at. Grant Cardone.

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I ended up going towards drugs though it was just a detour.

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Genius Network And Beyond

After forming Genius Network, Joes focus shifted once again to his truest strength as a connector, bringing together experts in many different fields. As the organization grew, he added the 100K Group for the most advanced entrepreneurs in his networks. Finally, in 2015, Joe publicly revealed everything he had ever struggled with to his membersand the mission of his companies changed forever.

Though Genius Network began as a marketing and business organization, it has since expanded to discuss issues of trauma, addiction, mental health and physical health issues, all with the mission of building a better entrepreneur and creating easy, lucrative and fun lives and businesses.

How Did Grant Get Started In Business

Rise and Grind with Grant Cardone

The real way that Grant got into the business world, is through sales. Being a salesman and sales trainer, is what initially pulled Grant into doing business for himself. This skill of sales that Grant Cardone is a master at, was able to help him later in all of his businesses.

Grant Cardone is truly a master salesman and businessman. Mr.Cardone will continue growing his businesses at a fast pace.

We hope this article and walkthrough allowed you to learn as much about Grant Cardone and his businesses as possible.

With our kindest regards,

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Is Grant Cardone A Scam

No, Grant Cardone is not a scam. He is a real estate investor, speaker, author and CEO of Cardone Enterprises. He shows companies how to improve their sales process, avoid losses, and increase their bottom line. In addition, he owns Cardone University, Cardone Capital and Grant Cardone TV Network.

You can make money with this program, but its definitely not as easy as he makes it sound.

Theres a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and most importantly the actual profit margins on real estate investments are pretty small.

Now, theres nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later.

But if youre grinding it out for 3 months looking at deals, sending out offers, negotiating with the seller and lender to buy a rental property and then your reward is like $100 a month in profits, its not really worth it.

What if, instead, you could do that same 3 months of work , and your reward was a $500 to $2,000 payment that came in every single month ?

And what if you actually didnt need to wait 3 months? What if you could get started today and have your first payment in a week?

And what if you could double it next week?

Well, thats the power ofDigital Real Estate.

And, unlike traditional real estate, you can legitimately do this from anywhere. Its a true lifestyle business.

Your laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire 6-figure businesses from:

Find A Great Money Opportunity Right Here Right Now

Thank you for reading this 10x Income System review.

Now, Im going to introduce to you my #1 personal recommendation on how you can make money online.

This opportunity is a good one, and its guaranteed to give you great results.

Before you think its just another scam, why dont you try it for yourself? I guarantee you. This really works!

And its right here. You just have to click the link below.

See you on the other side.

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Who Is Grant Cardone Married To And Does He Have Children

He is married to Spanish actress and model, Elena Lyons. Together they live in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida with their two daughters, Scarlette and Sabrina Cardone. He is a well-known family man. When asked how he makes time for everything – he always mentions his family first. It’s obvious that he knows this question is directed toward his time with his family among all of his responsibilities spread across all his businesses.

Today, he will tell you that he writes down everything that he wants to succeed at and then obsesses over it. His family is on that list. He is committed to being a great father and husband. He is very creative in how he uses his time with his businesses and family so he can make it work for them.

Has Grant Cardone Been Married Before

Undercover Billionaire Apologizes

Grant had a first marriage at 35 but was divorced by 36.

He said: “One year, thats how long I was able to make it.

“Im not bragging about it, I know divorce isnt good, but Im not ashamed of it either. It happened.

“We both quit the marriage long before it officially ended. The fact was I was wrong for her, and she was wrong for me.”

He added: “She was happy with $1,000,000. I did the mathand I wasnt happy to settle.

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How Did Grant Cardone Make His Money

While his first job was in car sales – at a time when he was still at the height of this addiction – Grant started his first business age 29.

The Cardone Group provides consulting services to auto dealerships globally.

He realised soon enough that his experience and techniques to improve sales and businesses could be replicated across different industries, and founded the online Cardone University.

Grant continued to run events and and selling sales-related merchandise and licensed products.

He has also built an impressive portfolio of real estate investment funds, controlling $800 million worth of investment properties across the U.S.

Grant Cardones Net Worth

Grant Cardone has a net worth of $600 million and is a professional sales trainer and speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. He has authored eight business books, oversees thirteen business programmes, and serves as CEO of seven privately held companies.

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Are There Alternatives For Real Estate Investing

Yes, there is!

You can check out digital real estate.

If youre really eager to have extra cash, you could try online selling, affiliate marketing, stock market, cryptocurrency, and such.

But in my honest opinion, digital real estate is worth considering above it all.

A brick-and-mortar property and other ventures normally require heavy investment or down payments. Digital real estate investments are a fraction of what youd invest in traditional real estate.

How Did Grant Cardone Become So Rich

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone was the youngest of five children. He was raised by his mother after his father died when he was just 10 years old. He had a rough childhood and was addicted to drugs for close to a decade. But at the age of 25, he decided to change his life for the better.

Grant Cardone would then go on to become a Car Salesman, where he would make his money. To become a good salesman, he had to learn how to sell cars on his own. After that, he went on to become a great salesman for cars. As soon as his job in the industry was abruptly cut, he would go on to set up his own sales consulting business. He did this by being strong, working hard, and being obsessed with success.

Finally, Cardone was able to make even more money by taking advantage of almost every dollar he made. Its important to Cardone that his real estate investments make money, so he would invest almost all of the money that didnt pay for his basic living expenses in his investments. When he was 30, he was already a millionaire because of his love for investing.

Cardone has since built up a real estate portfolio worth $1.9 billion, started many businesses from scratch, and written a lot of books about how to be more successful.

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