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Grant Writing Certification Technical Writer Hq

Course Comparison: Grant Writing & Nonprofit Online Courses

Duration: 20 hours

Price: $199

Technical Writer HQs Grant Writing Certification is great for those of you who are looking to become skilled in grant writing and want actionable advice and practical knowledge. The course covers every aspect of writing a winning grant proposal. Moreover, it covers how to build relationships with funders and present your proposal as well.

The best part is the course includes actual instructor feedback on a grant proposal that you create. This way, you can ensure youre getting the most out of this course. The course also has a number of homeworks to help you write grant proposals with more clarity.

The course is taught by Josh . There are also seven quizzes, a certification test, and a capstone project.

For more information and to enroll, check out Grant Writing Certification by Technical Writer HQ.

Learn How To Write Proposals That Get Funded

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Foundations, nonprofits, schools, and other agencies often rely on grants for funding their programs. Grant writers can help secure this funding. While theres no specific degree, training, or certification required to become a professional grant writer, taking an online class can better prepare you to write grants that successfully get funded. As a bonus, grant writing careers are on the rise right now according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical writing careers are expected to grow by 12% from 2020 to 2030.

We researched over 20 online grant writing classes and examined course syllabi, costs, length, student reviews, and instructor reputations. These are our top picks.

Grant Writing Basics For Beginners

Duration: 50 minutes

Pricing: $19 monthly subscription

This course is ideal for beginners with zero experience in grant writing. It consists of 10 lessons, for 50 minutes, which is a perfect length for a starter course. This class provides answers to frequently asked questions and concerns a novice writer may have. Unfortunately, it doesnt cover in detail how to draft proposals.

Teresa Huff teaches the course as a professional grant writer with 20 years of experience drafting grant proposals. She shares tips on getting started as a grant writer while also sharing some common industry knowledge. Please keep in mind that this only course focuses on grants for nonprofits and schools.

Skillshares grant writing certification is free for the first 14 days after signing up for your Skillshare membership. After the free 14-day trial, a monthly subscription fee applies for $19.

You can learn more about this grant writing class here.

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Useful Compiled Lists Of Grant Writing Tips

GPAs Blog: Eight Words and Phrases to Avoid in Grant Proposals – One Grant Writers List

It is helpful to keep in mind the language you use when writing a grant. This post offers suggestions of words to avoid when trying to convince reviewers of your program.

How often are you using the word very in your proposal? If you remove such superlatives, your grant writing will be stronger and thus more persuasive.

Instrumentls Blog: Top 15 Things to Do Before You Write a Grant

We offer several posts to help you be successful at grant writing. This is just one that gives you tips on how to succeed before you even start to write that proposal.

Whats unique about Instrumentls guides is youll find in-depth breakdowns on commonly used grant writing skills, along with concrete examples. For example, in this post on invite-only funders, you get a sample letter you can reuse for your outreach efforts.

Ten Simple Rules for Getting Grants

While these tips are written specifically for research grants, they can apply to all types of funding pursuits.

Keeping your grant proposals clear and concise will help to keep reviewers interest. Ensuring that your projects are within a realistic scope of the budget and timeline will help reviewers see your vision as achievable and therefore fundable.

U.S. Department of Educations Grant Writing Tips

How do you successfully meet the basic grant application requirements? Following these tips will help.

The Grantsmanship Centers Proposal Checklist

Professional And Academic Proposal Writing

Free Online Grant Writing Courses

Duration: 30 weeks

Pricing: $695 $1258

This 30-week grant writing certification offers beginners and intermediate writers an excellent all-around grant writing program.

Its applicable for numerous entities across the grant writing spectrum, including government, education, art, health, and the nonprofit sector. The program teaches students skills like developing a grant proposal, defining the prime purpose of the fundraising, coming up with efficient budgeting strategies, etc.

This writing course teaches students the procedures and guidelines for writing a successful grant application, including creating introductory sections and letters of intent. Despite having many fundamentals, the course has limited resources on interpersonal skills. This makes the program ideal for rookies who want to learn the basic principles of writing grants.

Despite covering many of the fundamentals, this course has limited resources on interpersonal skills. This makes it ideal if youre entirely new to the industry and interested in learning the foundational principles of grant writing.

Pricing starts at $695 and reaches up to $1258. This includes the cost of reading material and the shipping cost of delivering your study material to you.

You can learn more about this grant writing class here.

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Getting Creative During Covid

Prior to COVID, Jim told his CTO that he was interested in moving into grant writing with his career. Mealpacking requires a great deal of physical labor, and he worried about being able to do it for the rest ofhis life.

And while grant writing can feel like a heavy lift at times, it is only mental lifting! Jimseized the opportunity to learn grant writing to help the organization fund a pivot.

He said that Grant Writing: From Start to Funded was his first onlinecourse. He said our training required him to get the lay of the land within his own organization. He wasable to create a project plan that can be implemented, even if he had to be let go because of tight budgetcuts.

To overcome COVID challenges, 40 families packed meals in their homes instead of in large group settings.This addressed the issue of not being able to meet in person while still providing people a way to give backto their community.

The pilot project was a success, and Jim turned to grant funding to help fund the logistics around thistransition in operations. From where we left offduring the interview, he had created a Funding Strategy and wasnarrowing down in his list of grant pursuits. Once he had the list down to 2-5 grants, he was going to getto work applying!

Good luck, Jim. Keep up the amazing work with your organization!

Why Should I Take A Grant Writing Class

If you are new to grant writing, whether you need to write grants at your full-time job or if youre looking to start freelancing, you would benefit from taking a course. If youre contemplating switching careers to a sector/industry that requires writing grants, such as government or nonprofits, you may want to acquaint yourself with the process of grant writing by picking an online course.

Experienced professional grant writers probably dont need to enroll in a course however, continuing education courses or more advanced classes could spark new ideas or give a fresh perspective. Youll also stay up-to-date with industry trends.

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Finding The Right Nonprofit Grant Opportunities

As you begin the grant writing process, its important to use your goals to guide your grant search so that the grants you pursue will already be fairly aligned with your mission. By investing your time and effort in these opportunities, youll drastically increase your odds of success.

Begin your search with an exploration of federal- and state-level grant databases. is a great starting point a comprehensive database compilation of all available federal grants that can be filtered by source, category, and eligible organizations.

Even if you dont find a federal grant appropriate for your exact mission, the database will give you a better understanding of available grants. Once you find a grant to pursue, start researching its source and see where to go from there!

Alternatively, if youre looking for grants to help you promote your nonprofit, consider looking into . These in-kind donations of up to $10,000 in monthly Google Ads funding can put your ads at the top of search queries and attract new supporters when you .

Best Overall: Fundamentals Of Grant Writing From The University Of Georgia

Free Masterclass Replay: How to Build a Career in Grant Writing

Grant Writing A to Z from the University of Georgia

The University of Georgias Center for Continuing Education offers an online course in grant writing, Fundamentals of Grant Writing. Led by a veteran grant writer, this course covers the grant writing process in detail and its entirety: from researching to presenting and fundraising. We chose this course as the best overall option because its material is comprehensive yet accessible for all experience levels.

The course contains 12 lessons: starting with research, continuing with networking, writing, and ending with presenting. Each lesson is taught by Dr. Beverly A. Browning, who has over 40 years of experience as a professional grant writer and grant-writing instructor. The course runs on both Windows and Mac computers and requires access to Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. Past students have praised the course for being easy to understand and helping them build confidence in their grant writing skillsets and advance their careers.

Interested students can enroll through the University of Georgias website for an instructor-led version or the self-paced version of the course. Both are priced at $159. The instructor-led version gives you six weeks of access to the course material, whereas the self-paced version gives you three months of access.

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Pro Grant Writing Tip #4

Keep your data and resources organized and accessible.

A successful nonprofit grant application must make a strong case for support. A winning nonprofit backs up its plans with effective and powerful data to present your organization as a professional, efficient, and responsible steward of funds. Grant officers might appreciate and champion your nonprofits plans to enrich its community, but only persuasive and illustrative data can fully justify the decision to give major support like a grant.

Fundamentals Of Grant Writing

Duration: 24 hours

Pricing: $159

The Fundamentals of Grant Writing certification course covers every critical concept that a professional grant writer should know. It teaches practical grant writing skills and covers specific aspects, including research, presentations, and networking. Additionally, the class focuses on finding potential funding sources that best suits your organization.

Because the course covers more advanced areas of the grant writing business, its also valuable to individuals who already work or have jobs as grant writers.

Fundamentals of Grant Writing has a total of 12 classes by Linda Vallejo . You can choose between the two formats available: instructor-led or self-study. The course duration is 24 hours, and the pricing is $159.

You can learn more about this grant writing class here.

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Grant Writing For Black

Are you:

Tired of grant application rejections?

Need a new grant strategy for 2022?

Cant find funds for your passion?

Dont miss this FREE opportunity to help equip your black-owned business or socially conscious non-profit organization with the skills needed to meet funding goals.

This masterclass is for you whether you are a start-up or a seasoned organization!

Who This Course Is For:

Grant Writing Master Course

Founder of Grantli, Maddie is a 22 year veteran grant writer and project coordinator responsible for more than $80 million in successful grant funding. Maddie has worked with many clients nationwide in creating grant submission plans conducting grant prospect research and developing grant proposals for submission to both government agencies and foundations nationwide.

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How Much Does It Cost To Take An Online Grant Writing Class

Online grant writing classes typically range from $0 to $150. Classes led by a live instructor are usually more expensive than self-paced courses. Some course providers permit free trials or block out certain features, like quizzes and graded assignments, for free versions.

A more formal certificate or university-sponsored program can cost thousands of dollars.

Nonprofit Management And Grant Writing Faqs

Why do nonprofits need grant writers?

Not-for-profit 501 entities rely on fundraising and development to sustain their mission. Grant writing is one of the key strategies in the nonprofits sector for fundraising.

What do nonprofit managers do?

Nonprofit managers to oversee organizational structure and day-to-day activities of a nonprofit. These individuals focus on administration rather than generating revenue. However, for many small or startup nonprofits, the roles of fundraising and management may fall on the same individual.

Are there other ways that nonprofits can fundraise?

Yes. Beyond grant writing, organizations can set up auctions, donation drives, events and more. To do this, a nonprofit must have a clear mission, vision and organizational structure.

What types of grants are available for nonprofits?

Federal, state, foundation and corporate grants are available. The Federal government is the largest source of grant funding.

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Helpful Places To Find Grant Writers For Your Nonprofit

Instrumentl Grant Writer / Consultant Directory

We maintain a spreadsheet of grant writers and grant writing consultancies you may find valuable to reach out to for your grant writing needs. On this sheet, each listed organization describes their ideal nonprofit customer, cost structure, contact information, and X-factor.

DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services

With a team of Grant Professional Certified writers, this company offers services including grant opportunity research, grant writing and editing, mock grant reviews, consultations to build your grant team, and multiple training options. They also offer a Grant Writer in Your Pocket, a one-time, contract-free consultation call.

If youre looking to fill a long-term grants position, you can post your nonprofits job description on this career center. They regularly contact their members with job listings to help match available talent with the opportunity.


Specializing in health and social service organizations, this GPA-approved business will evaluate your funding needs, review and strengthen your grant readiness, find and apply for grant opportunities on your behalf, and keep track of reporting requirements. Upstream is one example of a grant writing consultancy that you can find in Instrumentls directory.

Advanced Grant Proposal Writing

Instrumentl Grant Writing Virtual Summit Day 1 | Free Grants Workshop Classes

Duration: 6-12 weeks

Pricing: $115

As the name suggests, this course is for the more advanced, more experienced writers. It explores the structure and formatting more intricately than other grant writing certifications.

Aside from building the foundation of your grant writing knowledge, the course teaches you how to move forward once you secure grant money. Additionally, you learn how to develop non-technical, practical skills.

Advanced Grant Proposal Writing offers teaching formats. The instructor-led option takes between 612 weeks to complete however, you can learn at your own pace with the self-study variant. The course is by Dr. Beverly Browning, a professional grant writer with four decades of experience. You can enroll in this course for $115.

You can learn more about this course here.

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University Of South Carolina

Duration: 11 days

Pricing: $1332

The University of South Carolina provides one of the most elaborate and extensive grant writing certifications. The course prepares professionals for aspects essential to the grant writing field.

The course is primarily a formal training program, which begins with an introductory course to grant writing and a needs-based assessment.

Following the introductory module, theres program development and evaluation. It concentrates on strategic models and tools necessary for writing a successful grant proposal.

Finally, the last module teaches the grant writing process. All courses are held online with no self-paced version yet. The tuition fee for this program is $1332.

You can learn more about this course here.

What Career Opportunities Can Arise From Learning About Grant Writing

Grant writers lend their skills to a wide range of organizations in need of funding. As a grant writer, your job will consist of researching potential sources of funding, working with a client to gather necessary documents, and drafting and submitting proposals. Grant writers may work full-time with an organization or work freelance, writing for various clients on a short-term basis. If you take the freelance path, you’ll also spend some of your time searching for new clients and getting up to speed on their organizations. As of 2021, grant writers earn an average base pay of $51,395 in the US, according to Glassdoor.â

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Free Online Grant Writing Classes

As its name suggests, Non-profit Ready is a platform that helps individuals who want to work with NGOs in different capacities. They have a range of free online tutorials on grant writing for drafting effective fund proposals. Anyone can enroll for these courses and polish their writing skills to develop proposals that are well-researched and covers everything that funders look for in them. You can learn the best practices to write with a persuasive tone and style to get the desired outcome. Apart from this, they have more than 500 free online resources to help anyone develop a career in this sector.


Understand the best practices to draft effective and persuasive grant proposals.

Look out for the winning factors to include in your grant writing to seal the deal with each funder you approach.

Make a checklist of points that you need to have as per respective projects to fit in the budgets of grant providers.

Enhance your grant writing skills and empower your writing portfolio.

The Cornerstone Ondemand Foundation Established Nonprofitreadyorg To Address The Critical Need For Professional Development In The Nonprofit World

The ability to win grants is more than just making a weak impression or ...

“ has helped tremendously with my ability to “tune up” my professional development skills and share some of what I have learned with others.”

Patricia Taylor, Executive Director of the Eastside Neighborhood Association

“As someone who is in the midst of starting their own nonprofit organization, I’ve been focusing on the project management and effective leadership courses. I’ve found them complete, and filled with relevant information to do my duties mobilizing other people to get things done.”

Camilo Forero, Project Manager at Sembrando Sueños

Nonprofit-Approved Grant Writing Courses

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