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Cdbg Grant Application Webinars

Missoula County sends $600K grant application to state for Poverellos veteran housing program

Completed Application Webinars

The NYS CDBG Application Webinar for Public Infrastructure, Public Facility and Community Planning was conducted on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 and on Friday, June 10, 2022, click on the link below to obtain a copy:

NYS CDBG Application Webinar for Housing Activities through CDOL was conducted on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 and on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, click on the link below to obtain a copy:

Safety Net Services Application

The application for City funding for Safety Net Services in FY2023 is closed.

Application deadline – Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Services address a specific need resulting from an immediate crisis and protect individuals/households from additional harm and may also serve as an entry point to deeper services
  • Target primarily low/moderate income residents with greatest needs and barriers to accessing services using a racial equity lens
  • Participant are able to access services rapidly at no cost or on a sliding scale

Applications will be reviewed by the members of the Social Services Committee funding recommendations will be developed and sent to City Council for approval. Application review meetings will be held in November 2022- all meeting dates will be posted when finalized. Applicants will be notified of the date their applications will be reviewed. All meeting times and dates are subject to change. Please check the City Calendar regularly for updates.

**See below for resources and tools to assist with grant application and management**

Safety Net Services Application :

Training And Technical Assistance

HCD recently created a playlist on HCD’s main YouTube channel that contains recordings of trainings and workshops on a variety of topics. Please visit the CDBG Workshops and Trainings Playlist to see the full list of trainings available.

Weekly Office Hours: Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 AM. Registration is required. Please go to 2022 CDBG Office Hours Zoom Registration to register .

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Federal Fiscal Year 2022 Application Materials Are Now Available Online

Note: the following documents must be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat. If this application is not already on your system, you can download a copy of this application free at:Adobe Acrobat READER

ATTENTION: You MUST download the PDF to your computer BEFORE you begin filling it in to save your information.Application documents are provided as fillable PDF forms. Some sections are limited by the number of characters and additional pages will be necessary.

FFY 2022 CDBG – Letter of Introduction

Cdbg Economic Development And Entrepreneurship Fund

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Economic development andentrepreneurship projects that will have a significant regional impact are eligible for up to $1.25 million in CDBG assistance. These projects must result in job creation, business start-up or significant expansionand must directly relate to a strategic economic restructuring effort. Benefit projections must be deemed reliable and credible for the number of jobs to beLearn More

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Community Development Block Grant


Grants and technical assistance for eligible municipalities as identified under Pennsylvania Act 179 of 1984 as amended, for any eligible community development activities.

Housing rehabilitation, public services, community facilities, infrastructure improvement, development and planning.


Two components:

  • Entitlement program which provides annual funding to designated municipalities
  • Competitive program is available to all municipalities that are not direct federal recipients of CDBG funds and state Act 179 entitlement municipalities with a population less than 10,000

Entitlement funding is set by Act 179 formula. Competitive Program has a minimum request of $100,000 and has no ceiling limit.


Seventy percent of each entitlement grant must be used for activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons. Refer to program guidelines.

Additional Resources

Employment Or Job Activities

These are activities that result in the creation or retention of permanent jobs. These activities can address well-known disparities in career opportunities for traditionally underrepresented minority groups. To qualify, low- to moderate-income persons must hold at least 51% of the associated jobs on a full-time equivalent basis, or the positions must be available to them.

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How Community Development Block Grants Work

Each year, HUD allocates a portion of its budget to fund the CDBG program. HUD uses a formula to allocate funds to so-called entitlement grantees, namely every metropolitan area with at least 50,000 people, specifically designated large cities, and every county with a population of more than 200,000.

Entitlement grantees receive 70% of all CDBG funds. HUD distributes the remaining 30% of CDBG funds to states. Localities within the state then submit applications and compete for CDBGs.

In 2021, HUD allocated nearly $3.5 billion for the CDBG program. On March 22, 2022, HUD allocated nearly $3 billion in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds appropriated by the Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022, for major disasters occurring in 2020 and 2021.

According to HUD statistics, since 1974, it has issued CDBGs totaling more than $160 billion.

HUD establishes national objectives that serve as prerequisite criteria for every CDBG project. Proposed CDBG projects must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • Benefit low- and moderate-income persons
  • Help to prevent urban blight and eliminate slums
  • Address urgent community development needs that present a serious and immediate community health and welfare threat for which no other funding is available

What Happens If A Community Development Block Grant Project Makes Money

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in 3 minutes

In certain situations, the recipients of a CDBG grant may generate income from their investment of CDBG funds. Program income may be generated from the sale, rental, or lease of property acquired using CDBG funds. If a grantee and its sub-recipients receive more than $25,000 in a single year, all of these receipts count as program income.

Grantees generally must use program income before taking any additional funds from the CDBG line of credit. The calculation of program income includes several exclusions and can be somewhat complicated.

It is important to note that though it is acceptable to charge fees for using a public facility constructed or improved with CDBG funds, there are limits. The fees must be reasonable and cannot defeat the purpose of the CDBG by preventing low- to moderate-income individuals from accessing the facility.

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Must Community Development Block Grant Projects Be Completed In A Certain Amount Of Time

Essentially, yes. To ensure rapid and effective use of CDBG funds, HUD annually assesses the progress of each CDBG project using a timeliness test. HUD determines timeliness 60 days before the end of the CDBG program year by comparing the total amount of a projects outstanding line of credit to its annual budgeted amount. If the ratio exceeds 1.5, HUD deems the project “untimely.”

The first time a CDBG project is untimely, it has 12 months to correct its spending and advance the project. If there is a second finding of untimeliness that does not fall within one out of two exceptions, HUD reduces the line of credit to bring the credit/budget ratio back to 1.5. The only allowable exceptions are if:

  • At the time of the second timeliness measurement, the program was spending money at a rate that would bring it into compliance before the subsequent annual measurement.
  • The failure arose from circumstances out of the CDBG recipients control.
  • Community Development Block Grants

    From addressing local health and safety concerns to improving local facilities such as senior centers and community centers, CDBG programs are designed to support your community’s wellbeing and greater capacity for growth. Grants are available in a variety of categories and can be utilized for a variety of community development initiatives.

    Public Notice

    CDBG FY 2022 Application Cycle Now Open!

    The Missouri Department of Economic Developments Community Development Block Grant program has opened the FY 2022 Competitive Cycle.

    Applications to the CDBG program will be accepted through the Submittable platform in an effort to improve the ease of application intake and processing. Upcoming application workshops will include training on creating a Submittable account, adding contributors to an application, and how to complete the forms entirely and accurately. As a result of the transition to Submittable, the CDBG program will not be offering a courtesy review of applications.

    FY 2022 Competitive Cycle

    The FY 2022 Competitive Cycle application and guidelines are available today, September 19, 2022! The application can be completed and submitted via the Submittable platform, and will be due no later than December 19, 2022, at 5 p.m.

    Categories for applications include:

    Application Workshop

    Thursday, September 29 | 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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    City Accepting Cdbg Grant Applications

    The city is now accepting applications for its Community Development Block Grant program.

    The program is through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is administered through the city planning office.

    The program is designed to meet low income housing and community development needs. The CDBG program is intended to fund non-profit organizations and municipalities in carrying out activities such as public improvements and infrastructure, public services, economic development, and affordable housing.

    During a November City Commission public hearing, a handful of community members spoke about community needs that focused on housing and childcare.

    Applications for projects or activities that will be completed prior to June 30, 2023 are being accepted through April 2023.

    The application for those funds is here.

    For projects expected to be completed between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024 applications will be available through Jan. 6.

    All applications for CDBG funding for activities to be carried out during this time period are due to Planning and Community Development by 4 p.m. Jan. 6.

    Applications for this funding can be found here.

    For complete details and program requirements for these grant funds, contact the city planning office.

    State Special Project Round

    Community Development Block Grant

    The CDBG SSP account consists of 15% of the remaining funds from the state of Arizona’s allocation from HUD after the 10% Colonias Set Aside and the states retention of 2% plus $100,000 for administration and 1% for technical assistance and the funding round is competitive. All communities eligible to receive funding from the state CDBG program are eligible to apply for State Special Projects. Applications submitted must propose all activities pursuant to 24 CFR 570 that are ready to begin implementation immediately with environmental review requirements completed, Release of Funds issued, land control secured, planning, design, and permitting complete, and all other related up front issues resolved.

    SSP Competitive application rounds are announced thru a Notice of Funding Availability and the application process for the SSP funding can be found in the most current CDBG Application Handbook, located on the Forms and Handbooks page of this website. Interested applicants should refer to the application guidelines in the CDBG Application Handbook, the SSP NOFA and the SSP Rating Forms.

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    What Is A Community Development Block Grant

    The Community Development Block Grant program provides federal funding for projects to improve the quality of life for people with low or moderate incomes, revitalize urban centers, and address the urgent health and safety needs of low-income communities. The CDBG program has been continuously administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development since 1974, making it one of HUDs longest-running community improvement and housing affordability programs.

    Colonia Set Aside Round

    The Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 obligated the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to earmark CDBG funding for upgrading the housing and infrastructure of Colonia communities. It mandated a set-aside for the improvement of Colonias communities in all the states along the U.S.-Mexico border. Colonias communities often lack the basic necessities most Americans take for granted including running water, sanitary waste water treatment, electricity, and safe housing. Arizona must set-aside at least 10% of its total annual allocation for Colonias projects only projects that address the lack of basic infrastructure or safe and sanitary housing can qualify as colonia projects.

    In order to provide sufficient funding to address those issues that plague Colonias, ADOH will make funding available through the Colonia set-aside once every two years in a competitive application process announced Through a Notice of Funds Availability . Applicant must be a State of Arizona, Department of Housing Certified Colonias or must complete and submit a Colonias Designation and Certification packet along with all source documentation at least 60 days prior to the Colonias Application deadline. The current list of those Colonias who have been certified as eligible to participate in the competitive Colonias Set Aside application round is posted on the Departments website on the Community Development and Revitalization page.

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    Community Building Fund Operating Stream

    The Operating stream provides support for non-profits and Indigenous communities in the community arts and culture, heritage, tourism, sport and recreation sectors to help sustain their operations and create new attractions, experiences and events.

    Grant term length: 6 or 12 months Amount awarded: Minimum $10,000, Maximum $250,000

    Ded Awards More Than $17 Million Through The Community Development Block Grant Program To 40 Communities For Improvement Projects

    Community Development Block Grant 2017

    The Department of Economic Development announced today it will award more than $17 million to 40 communities through its Community Development Block Grant Program to assist with various improvement projects.

    Strong infrastructure is fundamental to the wellbeing of our state and every Missourian, said Governor Mike Parson. Whether through repairing roadways or improving public safety, the Community Development Block Grant program is improving lives statewide. Were always proud to make investments that help ensure communities have solid foundations for success.

    Funded projects include street and roadway repairs, stormwater and drainage improvements, demolition of dilapidated structures, and construction of new public facilities.

    The Community Development Block Grant program strengthens Missouris communities, said Maggie Kost, Acting Director of the Department of Economic Development. Funding provided through this program helps Missourians prosper by assisting cities and counties with critical needs. These projects truly make a difference for citizens while preparing their communities for economic growth.

    About the Community Development Block Grant Program

    For questions or to learn more about the CDBG program and CDBG categories, visit or contact .

    About the Missouri Department of Economic Development

    For the latest updates on DEDs current or future programs and initiatives, visit DEDs website.

    Fiscal Year 2021 CDBG grant award recipients:

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    Community Development Block Grants Overview

    Rural communities have many pressing needs that require outside financial assistance. Through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the State of Indiana requests federal funds annually to help with a variety of projects including water infrastructure, public facilities, blight clearance, Mainstreet revitalization and many others. These funds help communities to improve quality of life and to ensure the health and safety of their residents. In turn, this enhances their ability to create places where citizens can grow, thrive and prosper.

    During these unprecedented times, OCRA will continue with the suspension of multiple programs in response to COVID-19. This decision reflects the priority of maintaining flexibility to respond to the impact of the pandemic on rural communities. OCRA will continue to evaluate the pandemics impact and the corresponding priorities of rural communities to determine the feasibility of reinstating suspended programs. Be sure to visit OCRA’S calendar for all 2022 dates.

    Recent News

    The second round of Community Development Block Grants for 2022 is now open for applications.

    The following programs are currently accepting applications:

    Proposals for CDBG Round 2 are due on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022. Communities are encouraged to submit their proposals prior to 4 p.m. ET on Oct. 21, 2022, as technical assistance will not be available after that time.

    • Access the portal here: .

    Examples Of Successful Cdbg Projects

    Many communities across the country have effectively used CDBG funds to improve infrastructure and services for low- to moderate-income families. Here are just two examples, from among hundreds across the country with projects of all sizes and focuses.

    • The city of Joplin, Mo., used CDBG funds to help recover from a devastating tornado in 2011. With $10 million in CDBG grants, the city created a 40,000-square-foot early childhood education center, to serve more than 320 student ages 3-to-5-year-olds.
    • The city of Greensboro, N.C., applied $250,000 in CBDG funds toward constructing a community co-op that provides healthy, affordable groceries in a low-income, predominantly African-American area no longer served by any major grocery chain. In addition to serving hundreds of residents daily, the co-op offers job opportunities for the community.

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    Community Development Block Grant Policy Committee

    The CDBG Policy Committee is comprised of 7 elected officials, one from each of the 7 Association of Governments . The policy committee meets 2 â 3 times per year to approve program policy changes and updates. These policies are published in the CDBG Application Policies and Procedures book and also the CDBG Grantee Handbook. Click here for further information, meeting agendas and minutes.

    How Do Community Development Block Grant Recipients Prove They Are Meeting National Goals

    Review of the Community Development Block Grant program (Paperback ...

    CDBG grantees must provide reports on the impact of their projects. HUD requires that grantees provide reporting in several key areas:

    • How much money they obtain and use from other federal, state, local, and private sources for each CDBG activity
    • The number of persons, households, or businesses affected by the CDBG funds
    • The income level for persons or households by 30%, 50%, or 80% of the area’s median income. For CDBG activities with specific requirements about the number of low- to moderate-income persons or households receiving benefits from the project, reporting should include both the total number and the number of low- to moderate-income recipients.
    • For limited clientele projects focused on issues such as race, ethnicity, or disability, grantees must report the relevant data.

    There are 18 additional performance criteria that potentially apply, depending on the type of CDBG activity.

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