Capacity Building Grants For Nonprofits 2021

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What We Will Fund

Community Impact & Capacity Building Grants Information Session – August 2021
  • Staff and Administrative Capacity to properly manage restricted state and federal funding, and/or to implement programs that have experienced increased demand during the pandemic.
  • Technology Resources to help nonprofit organizations adjust how they work to meet community needs amid the Delta variant surge.
  • Staff Wellness Resources and Incentives to combat burnout and encourage sustainability within nonprofit organizations amid the increased demands imposed by the ongoing pandemic.
  • Planning and Visioning Resources to help nonprofit executive directors and their boards reflect and seek advice to build the capacity of their organizations to be sustainable during and beyond the pandemic.

To Do Great Work Nonprofits And Municipalities Need Strong Leaders Clear Plans Efficient Systems And A Robust Diversified Revenue Stream This Takes Investment In Staff And Time To Explore And Plansomething For Which Many Nonprofits On Limited Or Restricted Budgets Have Few Resources To Spare

In response to this gap in the resources needed to strengthen organizations, particularly those with operating budgets of $500,000 or less, the Vermont Community Foundation has created a small fund to help. The application is designed to be easy to complete and notification is within 6-8 weeks. We welcome applications to support your organizations planning needs around achieving your mission, through strategic planning, merger conversations, or similar efforts.

Grants will be no more than $5,000 each and will support the cost of consultants for the activities below. These grants are meant to supplement other funding, as we understand that this amount is typically not enough to cover the full cost of providing these services. In the project budget, please show the additional revenue sources to be used for this work, both pending and secured. We welcome the use of these funds as challenge grants to secure the additional funds.

Wrapping Things Up: Capacity Building Grants For Nonprofits

Nonprofit leaders are tasked with managing and sustaining their organizations while innovatively pushing programs and services forward. Often, supporting the behind-the-scenes functions of sustaining and expanding nonprofit organizations is left out of traditional grant scopes.

However, more and more foundations and grantmakers are including capacity building as part of their philanthropic effort to support nonprofit organizations. These capacity building grants are a valuable resource to explore in order to better serve your stakeholders through improved organizational structures.

In this article, we covered what capacity building grants are, where to find them, and what to consider when writing for capacity building funding.

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Nine Nonprofits Receive Capacity Building Grants Totaling More Than $111000

The Quad Cities Community Foundation today announced the recipients of its spring 2021 Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants. With up to $15,000 in funding available for each project, the grants provide powerful support for investments in equipment and technology, training for staff and board members, and strategic planning work, among other areas. This cycleâs grantees represent an equally broad range of industries, from arts and culture to workforce development. What unites them all is a strong vision for the futureâboth of their individual organizations and of the community as a whole.

According to Lisa Stachula, a grantmaking specialist at the Community Foundation, the grants come at a critical time. âAfter an unprecedented year of increased expenses and decreased fundraising ability, these organizations demonstrated the resiliency needed to survive the pandemic,â she said. âThese projects can now help them shift from surviving to thriving in our new normal.â

One grant recipient committed to making the most of this turning point is Leader, which supports women in the workforce through its mentor matching program. Now celebrating its fifth year in operation, the organization will use its $3,000 grant to fund an in-depth strategic planning effort.

He sees the Community Foundation as a vital partner in this work. âTheyâre a resource that greatly enhances our opportunity to do more than dream,â he said.

Capacity Building Grant Program Helps Nonprofits Grow

VAALA Awarded California Arts Council Cultural Pathways and Local ...

Three grant recipients share how their organizations have grown with capacity building support from the Management Improvement Fund.

Capacity building plays a vital role in an organization’s work and growth.

The Management Improvement Fund is a unique grant opportunity that the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation provides to nonprofits to support capacity building. Grants are used to fund technical assistance through consultative work for such things as strategic planning, board development, fund development planning and organizational assessments. The fund provides grants to small and midsize nonprofits operating in or serving the East Metro and/or Greater Minnesota.

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Hud Announces $10 Million In Capacity Building Grants For Rural America Grants Help National Non

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today awarded $10 million in capacity-building grants to five national non-profit organizations which will, in turn, fund rural housing development organizations, Community Development Corporations , Community Housing Development Organizations , local governments, and Indian tribes to carry out affordable housing and community development activities in rural areas for hard-working, low-income families and individuals.

Funded through HUD’s Rural Capacity-Building for Affordable Housing and Community Development grant , these national intermediary organizations will support local eligible beneficiaries to spur affordable housing activities and community development in some of Americas hardest hit rural communities. These national organizations will provide training, technical assistance, and financial support to these local beneficiaries, helping them serve hundreds of low-income or low- and moderate-income families and persons in rural areas.

The RCB program demonstrates the importance of public and private partnerships to help our rural communities across America meet critical housing and community development needs, said HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

The following organizations will receive RCB funds :


Additional Information on HUDs Fiscal Year 2019 2020 RCB Grantees

The Three Principles That Guide Our Work

Collaboration & Partnership

We strive to foster collaboration and partnership with and among our partners, as well as with other funders providing capacity building support.


We seek to ensure that our partners own their organisational development and capacity building efforts. We always consider the local constraints affecting them.

Ongoing processes

We view capacity building and organisational development as ongoing processes that require persistence, patience and flexibility.

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What Is A Capacity Building Grant

A capacity building grant is often used with words such as organizational development or institution building. Simply put, a capacity building grant is a sum of money that a foundation offers to a nonprofit to work on new strategies, develop competencies, and improve processes and systems to improve efficiency. With this type of support, nonprofits can move into a position where they have a greater capacity to serve others.

The Council of Nonprofits defines capacity building grants this way, An investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit.

GrantCraft defines capacity building differently Capacity building is fundamentally about improving effectiveness, often at the organizational level.

What types of things do nonprofits typically use capacity building grants for? Nonprofits often use capacity building grants to hire consultants to assist them in improving programs or improving efficiency overall.

For example, nonprofits might use funds to acquire tools or expertise to build a new program that their clients badly need, such as mental health services, health services, housing, or food. In the interest of efficiency, nonprofits might use grants to invest in technology to reduce the time required for administrative tasks. A reduction of administrative tasks might also increase the capacity of the number of individuals a nonprofit could serve.

Helping Partners Reach Their Planned Outcomes

2021 Capital Outlay Funding Informational Video for Non-Profit Organizations

We support partners so that they can grow stronger in terms of their organisational capacity and they can better attain their grant objectives and achieve their goals. We provide this support directly to partners through grants or by linking partners with consultants that Oak has established partnerships with.

  • Effective organisational leaders, with the courage and humility to demonstrate difficult decision-making, which will in turn enable staff to perform and adapt through learning.
  • High-performing organisations delivering meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results, from the perspective of the people or the causes the organisation serves.
  • Effective networks with compelling strategies that complement the work of their members.
  • Intermediary grant-makers with the strategies, knowledge, skills, attitudes and trust to support their own partners organisational development and capacity building effectively.
  • In-country consultants and civil society support organisations that can offer a range of high quality organisational development and capacity building services demanded and needed by Oak partners.

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Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants

This is a capacity-building opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes! We know how tough it can be for nonprofits to find ways to cut through the noise. Facing global uncertainty and an ongoing pandemic, too many nonprofits are struggling to overcome funding challenges, reach donors, and keep your doors open in the first place.

This grant helps you do just that. Our storytelling experts produce a clear, concise, and compelling vision for how you’re helping people through this crisis and beyond.As a DCTV grantee, you get valuable benefits:

  • new professionally produced videos to tell your compelling story of impact
  • self-guided and expert-led virtual training to help you develop your media tactics and strategy
  • workshop and partnership opportunities with a dedicated group of local nonprofit leaders like you

The grant application is easy and straightforward, and the grant provides incredible value for the minimal required match. This is an innovative grant program that does not provide a financial award instead, the unique structure provides valuable media capacity services to boost your message and your mission.

Watch this quick video to learn more:

Read more about the benefits of being a grantee. There is a minimal matching funds requirement which supports the administration of the grant program. It represents a tiny percentage of the operating budget of our professional television studio.

+ Capacity Building Grants For Nonprofits In The United States For Your Nonprofit

From private foundations to corporations seeking to fund grants for nonprofits.

Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits over $5K in average grant size

Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits supporting general operating expenses

Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits supporting programs / projects

Global Impact Cash Grants

Cisco welcomes applications for Global Impact Cash Grants from community partners around the world who share our vision and offer an innovative approach to a critical social challenge.

We identify, incubate, and develop innovative solutions with the most impact. Global Impact Cash Grants go to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations that address a significant social problem. Were looking for programs that fit within our investment areas, serve the underserved, and leverage technology to improve the reach and efficiency of services. We accept applications year-round from eligible organizations. An initial information form is used to determine whether your organization will be invited to complete a full application.

Social Investment Areas

At Cisco, we make social investments in three areas where we believe our technology and our people can make the biggest impacteducation, economic empowerment, and crisis response, the last of which incorporates shelter, water, food, and disaster relief. Together, these investment areas help people overcome barriers of poverty and inequality, and make a lasting difference by fostering strong global communities.

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New York Life Foundation

Example capacity grant: Grief Reach Grants: Capacity Building

New York Life Foundation has multiple grants available for capacity building. The listed uses of these grants are right in line with the categories outlined in this article: planning activities staff/board development strategic relationships/collaboration internal operations technology improvements or new organizations.

Foundations across multiple industries provide capacity building grant opportunities. Explore familiar foundations websites and look for grants that provide opportunities to build your organizational capacity. There are also many foundations that are more local to your specific region. Be sure to look for regional foundations that provide capacity building grants as well.

Organizations Awarded Nonprofit Infrastructure Grants

Copy of Capacity Building Programs website

Propel Nonprofits, with a state appropriation coming through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development that was secured in partnership with the Coalition of Asian American Leaders, has awarded $1.71 million to 40 culturally led nonprofit organizations for infrastructure funding.

A full list of grantees can be found here: 2021 -2023 NIGP grantees.

These infrastructure grants will be used for everything from implementing new financial and data management systems to building staff and board capacity. There was strong demand from this kind of infrastructure support from nonprofits across Minnesota.

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Grants For Contracts With External Providers

These grants fund entities that provide capacity-building services and assistance to nonprofits. At times, this is in the form of a partnership between a foundation and a consultant who serves nonprofits.

Grants in this category provide a nonprofit leadership development opportunity. Either through a training series of one on one engagement with an organizational current and future leaders.

Triangle Capacity Building Network Awards $312000 In Capacity Building Grants To Local Nonprofits Led By And Serving People Of Color

May 2021: Triangle Capacity Building Network, comprised of a collaborative of local funders, has awarded $312,000 in capacity building grants as part of their continued commitment to the nonprofit ecosystem in the region. These grants, ranging between $10,000 -$15,000 and awarded to 24 local organizations, prioritize nonprofits led by and serving people of color. The grants will support staff and leaderships ability to invest in an organizational capacity- building project that will allow their organization to better serve the community. Read more here.

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Information For Current Grant Recipients

Current awardees will submit their reports in the grant portal. Your original application, grant agreement, and any other documents related to your gran are saved on your organizations dashboard. Please contact Halie Brazier at if there are any issues with access to the portal.

Applications will be reviewed by the Community Impact Committee of Central Carolina Community Foundation. Final funding decisions are made by the Foundations Board of Trustees.

For further information, please contact Halie Brazier at .

Year Targeted Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant Program

OneMPLS Capacity Building Grants

STATUS: Not currently accepting applications.

REQUESTS: $15,000-$25,000

GUIDELINES: Review these guidelines prior to submitting an application or contacting the Foundation for more information.

Use this link to submit information for all grant applications.

DESCRIPTION:Targeted Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants support:

  • Equipment, software, trainings, consulting, and/or staff expenses that are essential to the implementation of a grantees capacity building project. Applicants may work with any consultant of their choosing.
  • Executive Director or designated representative participation in peer learning network meetings with a cohort of other grantees via attendance at 1.5-hour grantee award launch meeting and quarterly 2-hour peer learning network meetings. Peer learning networks aim to increase relationships, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among organizations.
  • Executive Director or designated representative participation in activities to support The Cape Cod Foundation to evaluate the impact of the program. This will include but is not limited to: pre/post surveys, an annual report, and/or virtual or phone check-in

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Where To Prospect And Find Capacity Building Grants

There are many places to find capacity building grants. You need to know what to look for when searching for capacity building grants. We will cover some example foundations that provide capacity funding grants in the next section.

First, we will explain some of the key features to look for when looking for capacity building grants and where to search.

Factors Considered In Determining Grant Awards

  • The likelihood that the proposed effort will result in long-term benefits to the organization, its members, the region or state, or its clients
  • The degree to which the organization can influence state or regional economic conditions
  • The extent to which the problem has been approached through regional collaboration with other economic development groups and other local jurisdictions
  • The extent to which the project will provide impact to smaller communities/rural areas of Wisconsin
  • The financial need demonstrated by the applicant
  • The extent to which the proposed effort can be replicated throughout Wisconsin

No past costs prior to application are eligible for the grant or match.

  • 201 West Washington AvenueMadison, WI 53703

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Foundations Providing Capacity Building Grants For Nonprofit Organizations

Where can I find capacity-building grants to apply for to increase the growth and capacity of my nonprofit? Weve found a few to give you a kickstart and listed them below.

Foundations that provide capacity-building grants include:

Webber Family Foundation For Texas nonprofits, the Webber Family Foundation has a mission with their capacity-building grants of helping lower-income youth perform at the highest levels of achievement in academics and the arts. There are currently three areas of focus: school readiness/early literacy, out-of-school time programs for grades 6-12, and Charter schools.

Grunin Foundation A new addition to our list, the Grunin Foundation has a passion to equip nonprofits and nonprofit leaders with the tools, knowledge, and support to accelerate their impact. We love the Six Cs they use: Curiosity, Conversation, Collaboration, Community, Compassion, Capacity.

The Clowes Fund Grants provide funding that strengthens an organization to better fulfill its mission.

The Winston-Salem Foundation The Foundation makes capacity-building grants for activities and projects that will help Forsyth County nonprofits enhance their internal operations to better fulfill their missions and achieve more impactful outcomes.

John Rex Endowment Build the strength and sustainability of nonprofit organizations that support Wake County children in living healthy lives.

Building A Nonprofits Organizational Capacity

Nonprofit Capacity Building Series

These grants target specialized funding, rewarding innovation in organizational effectiveness. Think external expert assistance in a program or technical area.

This might include hiring a nonprofit consultant to help you take the next step in an area of programs or operational excellence.

Some examples might include tools and expertise to offer a new service that is a significant need for your clientele like mental health evaluation, a new summer camp program to provide year-round support to families, or new radiological services.

Better yet, what about an initiative that reduces administrative time to provide a service and increases the capacity of clients you can serve as a direct result of the administrative cost savings. Boom!

Another way to build capacity is by setting the right organizational structure as part of an in-depth organizational design exercise. A very specific organizational development consultant could do you wonders here. We give a good introduction to nonprofit organizational structures and organizational charts in these articles.

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